501KG Deadlift – Hafthor Bjornsson

501KG Deadlift – Hafthor Bjornsson

History made. @thorbjornsson pulls a massive 501kg / 1,104lbs deadlift. #ryourogue

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86 Responses

  1. Suthan says:

    He didn’t fall to the ground. Said he wouldn’t and he didn’t.

  2. Christian Garza says:

    Eddie and Thor holding hands all the way to the bank to cash in on Millions!!!
    Genius – kayfabe at its finest 😎

  3. random person says:

    I went into the stream just in time to see him make this lift.

  4. Erkinmäen Autokorjaamo says:

    One day Thor will be like: I’m here doing the last set of warmup with 500kg

  5. marvDE says:

    Syncing the audio takes like a minute, really guys?

    • Shane Daniels says:

      We would be happy if you want to take this live stream video clip, and sync up the audio to not have a delay.

    • Immanuel Leon Wijaya says:

      I think this live stream was really under prepared, even the mc had like no hype at all, cringed my self so hard when they was about to show the replay and the mc had to make a segway to it

  6. Gustavo Campos says:

    Meanwhile in the pandemic

    Thor: Lifts half a ton
    Me: Can hardly lift myself out of bed

  7. 5 Star Health says:

    Hathor can still get stronger unlike Eddie who has reached his peak. The man is a natural giant

    • German Rud says:

      can he? The man is pumped full of gear, essentially obese. Said it himself, feels horrible being this big. I don’t know how much further he can push his body, he already looks 10-15 years older than his actual age.

    • Gay Masters says:

      @German Rud looking young to you probably means more than world records and millions you get for them. Please man…

    • Immanuel Leon Wijaya says:

      I agree with this, Eddie was looking so bloated when in his peak, but Thor still looks big normal just because hes way taller than Eddie

    • Golgy says:

      im not saying he is on gear, but check his photos 6 years ago, unrecognizable

  8. Peanut says:

    Lol, to all who missed the live stream, he called out Eddie to a boxing match and told Eddie how he just smashed his record and to stop running his big mouth. That was hilarious!

    • Q A says:

      It took him 4 years to smash Eddie’s record only by a 1 kilo lol now come on, if Eddie come out of retirement, trained for a solid 6 months he would set a new world record of 550kg. Haftor needs to hold his horses before he calls out Eddie

    • dctPL says:

      @jason byrne You are right. “That’s just bad form right there” from Eddie. He broke Savickas’ axle press record just by a silly 1 kg and attempted and failed to break Big Z’s log lift record by…1or 2 kg… Moreover he is proud of his axle record and talk big about it. What a silly prick he is.

    • Waleed Mcclintock says:

      @John Buffalo I am 97 lol!! Anthony Joshua is full steriods!! And a palooka ,a bum in the ring!! He ran from a fat Mexican

    • Darth Citharae says:

      @erasmus gold David Haye beat someone a full foot taller than him. Mike Tyson was only 5 foot 11 whe he was knocking out people over 6 foot tall in the first round.

      If Eddie gets inside Thor is going out.

    • []_; [{}] []_; Sh33P says:

      @Thomas Sturgess I think you’re completely missing the point….by smashed he’s saying beating by a large margin, which in this case 1kg does not equal a smashed record. Can your tiny little brain comprehend that?

  9. squashedeyeball says:

    I’m still trying to process what we’ve just witnessed… Made it look like just another day at the gym. HAFTHOR!!!

    • Tiago Peron says:

      @Kendal Knabe lifting half a ton is lifting half a ton at the end of the day, doesn’t matter if it was in the presence of the Queen or if it was at his grandma garage 😂.

    • Kendal Knabe says:

      @Smooth Chill yea, Worlds Strongest man is scheduled for November so itll be back faster then you think

    • Vangrim says:

      I heard he yawned and went on to finish his workout after lifting the 501kg.

    • big shaq says:

      It looked so easy for him

    • Kendal Knabe says:

      @big shaq it really didnt though. He struggled a tiny bit getting it to lockout. Had he struggled a little bit more he might not of gotten it

  10. Feuertaufe says:

    he lifted 501, kept standing, kissed his wife and called out eddie hall for a boxing match

    what a legend

    • Elusive Anomaly says:

      @Аитор Хара True, he’s a low IQ specimen.

    • Exodia the Forbidden One says:

      Fake lift. Thor had a bar that was longer than Eddie’s. And that is a HUGE difference
      . A longer bar is an easier lift.
      https://i.imgur.com/zgZfGA8.png Prove it at the arena.

    • Vangrim says:

      @BooMM TizenX Eddie would be dead if he had continued. He nearly died doing the lift. His health was terrible. That’s why he quit and lost weight.

    • Pedro Jr says:

      emmanuel a lot of lifters in powerlifting have set all time WRs while being the only one in their class to compete that day, what’s the difference here? Thor doesn’t care about people that say it’s fake, he had people more experienced and trained than all of us there watching and judging and weighing plates and he did it live. In no way is this less legitimate than any competition.

    • Matt Willis says:

      Cosmic Billy not correct Eddie had a huge nosebleed and blood pressure was much higher then Thor’s during the lift.. eddie was shaking at the top Thor was not. Overall Thor controlled it better and a stronger lift.

  11. Ancient Dolphin Tofu Almond Man from the 70s says:

    Hafthor: lifts world record
    Camera Guy: aww man, the lens cap was on..silly me.

  12. MaRs says:

    Eddie still has the record for most that a person said he could have lifted.

  13. Chris Stanley says:

    Brian Shaw after watching the lift:

    ”Erm, Umm, uhh, Perfect”

  14. SJFITNESS says:

    “Eddie Hall has left the stream”

  15. DJ Wallrix says:

    Eddie Hall after 500kg: nearly died
    Hafthor after 501kg: kissed his wife

    • Sandor Clegane says:

      And never came close to those weights again. Halfthor will pull way beyond 500kg before he’s done

  16. Salazar says:

    Birthplace: ASGARD

  17. estonianrocker666 says:

    Thor did not lift the weight, he pushed earth down with his legs

  18. Julia D says:

    He didn’t even make it seem like it was THAT hard?!??!

    • Captain Quick says:

      Those guys can lift a certain amount of weight, if you put more they might not even be able to get it off the ground. Maybe get the bar to his knees.

    • Gravemind says:

      He did it easier than Eddie did 500 I reckon he can get 520KG if he has a good shot at it.

    • MousemanLV says:

      I think pulling more weight is just asking for a bad, bad injury. The blood pressure already is through the roof after a lift like that

    • United States Citizen says:

      Gravemind to be fair Eddie did it 4 years ago so Thor has had plenty time to perfect the lift and I’m sure he’s already hit this before just not on camera . Plus I think Thor is stronger than Eddie

    • Nicholas Hutchinson says:

      United States Citizen obviously Thor is stronger he is taller, had Better genetics for this sport and has a miostatin deficiency

  19. Loay Alawdy says:

    If he would’ve said *Yeeah buddy ain’t nothing but a peanut*

    601 instead of 501

  20. Silvan Baumann says:

    From this day on, he shall be called Halfton Bjornsson

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