501kg Deadlift | THOR, The fight is ON!!!

501kg Deadlift | THOR, The fight is ON!!!

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75 Responses

  1. Boredtolife says:

    Ok that actually scared me and I’m not even fighting him

    • ActionFigureWithAFlapjack says:

      I’m calling Eddie flooring him. This comes across as publicity stunt from Thor, I can tell Eddie genuinely wants to fuck him up.

      When someone genuinely wants your blood and is willing to go through hell to get it, the usual factors go out of the window. Thor might be 6ft 9 but is he willing to genuinely take a right straight from someone who really wants to hurt him? I find it doubtful.

    • Aimal S says:

      These big guys can barely give 1 punch before being exhausted. They can’t do a boxingmatch they will go KO in round 2 because of lack on breath

    • A.L says:

      @Aimal S They are both going to lean down man especially Eddie, theres only so much Thor can do for his endurance since he is a literal giant, but Eddie is 6″3, he can lose all the fat which will give him a lot of speed and stamina. Eddie used to be a pro swimmer also when he was younger so already has the lung capacity. Fight will come down to Thor needing to knock Eddie out early before Eddie tires him out and takes control of the fight.

    • IMSuperior Ey says:

      @A.L Dont forget that hafthor used to play on a (relatively) high level basketball in his youth. Both guys have a background in endurance/agility sports. Thor is way too heavy for now but he s been always leaner than guys like eddie or shaw in strongman competition. we will see

    • A.L says:

      @IMSuperior Ey Yep exactly, Thor is fairly lean even when competing so I dont know how much more he could lose before the fight, dosen’t look like he could lose much more. Eddie can lose a lot more and get much more leaner. It will be power vs speed. Unless Eddie decides not to go down that road, keep the mass and try to get a KO which would be a huge mistake.

  2. Thats IT ! says:

    When you fight him, you NEED to get in the ring repeating the phrase “you killed my children, you r**ped my wife” over and over. As a quick pointer though when he appears to be subdued dont let it go, keep battering until he is actually dead as he has this move where he grabs your sword and then crushes your skull….

  3. Oliver McVeigh says:

    Plot twist: Eddie swims out to dark waters, but drinks the lake dry to stay hydrated

  4. Sarunas J says:

    Wonder what bookies got as the favorite : dehydration or cardiac arrest?

  5. Andrius Andrius says:

    Eddie Hall – fighter
    Thor – fighter
    Brian Shaw- commentator
    Robert oberst – ring girl
    Nick Best – towel guy

  6. Kieran Barker says:

    Got chills when he grabbed the camera shit he’s serious

  7. Darth Pepe says:

    plot twist; after all the build up and trash talking they’ll get in the ring, rip the gloves off and play rock paper scissors 😂😂

  8. Axel Gustafsson says:

    “Would you hit your friend for 10 000 000 dollars?”

    Girls: No of course not! I would never!


  9. Stuart Ward says:

    “The Beast vs The Mountain”
    It sounds like a Game of Thrones episode 😂

  10. Wesley Van Niekerk says:

    Thor is going to make it into the Hall of Pain.

  11. Reece Thomas says:

    These guys cutting better promos then half the garbage talent wwe has currently 😂

  12. Mc Boswell says:

    Eddies gonna eat thor like swiss cheese 🧀🥊🏋️‍♂️🏆

  13. Alex Ace says:

    Imagine what would happen if Eddie was 100% hydrated instead of the usual 10%?

  14. The ManDragon says:

    The press conferences are going to need crazy big security guards. I don’t know who breaks them up.

  15. riptwan says:

    *They will both need oxygen after 3 minutes*

    • Northern Li says:

      We’ll have half a round of madness then the rest will be them blowing out their arse trying to land a bomb 😂 Still gonna entertain the world and I’ll be watching!

    • Aeli Numen says:

      If Thor loses a bunch of weight like he says he’s gonna do (and I assume eddie will too) then they shouldn’t be huffing and puffing as much.

    • kaloC aploC says:

      i give 50 seconds at best

    • Outa This World says:

      ATO Boxing yeah but swimming fit and marathon fit are cardio based and you point was that he won’t be good at boxing cuz he has low cardio?? It seems like the true point you make is that you can be as fit as you like but you still have to know how to box to win so…duh

    • ATO Boxing says:

      @Outa This World fighting fit is a whole different world mate don’t matter how cardio fit you are

  16. Dean Wingfield says:

    My guess is thor runs out of breath 10 seconds in and gets ironed out with a fat one

    • Korosh Rostami says:

      One of them will fart, it will smell like a mountain of rotten flesh and 1000 year old eggs. They will both be gassed and collapse, technical draw.

    • Caligula says:

      @Owen Hazle Thor will probably loose some size for this

    • The Klaks says:

      @Well Drive Eddie is in better shape at least now and he has better Agility cause of his swimming background that are fairly good advantages and thor is bigger which is also a good advantage if he used that but in the end stop that cheap trash talk and wait until the fight begins or are you all butthurt about your hero?

    • Daniel L. says:

      @Well Drive The fact you’re even expressing an opinion makes you a fucking casual. Gun to my head I’d go Thor for size/reach advantage but that’s some basic shit you’re trying to spin as “knowledge”. Truth is I don’t know anything about how either fight and neither do you. There’s training, but there is innate talent to fighting that is unique to fighting that comes into play as well.

    • Punisher says:

      @Well Drive oh drive take the next left off that cliff nice one

  17. Daniel Malek says:

    Ocean Spray is like : “We finally made it!! BRING OUT THE RED PANTIES, WE’RE RICH BABY!!!”

  18. Rahul Deepak says:

    Strongest myths: fulthor and FULLY HYDRATED EDDIE 😂

  19. Ronit Rehal says:

    the bodyguards for these press conferences would have to be HUGE

  20. Karan Aujla says:

    Eddie Wants To Cry 😫
    But he Couldn’t
    Cozz , He is dehydrated 😂😂

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