6.4 magnitude California earthquake shakes Los Angeles

6.4 magnitude California earthquake shakes Los Angeles

An earthquake with an early measure of magnitude 6.4 hit Southern California, about 150 miles north Los Angeles near Ridgecrest, California, according to the US Geological Survey.
At least four large aftershocks have been recorded, measuring 4.7, 3.5, 3.8 and 4.2 magnitude, officials said.
The quake was felt in central Los Angeles as a long, rolling quake, making buildings rock back and forth for at least several seconds.
CNN’s Tom Sater and Sara Sidner report.
Read more here: https://www.cnn.com/2019/07/04/us/southern-california-earthquake/index.html

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73 Responses

  1. Austin James says:

    My week has been compromised of this an explosion on Tuesday, illegal fireworks going off on Wednesday, and now a 6.4 magnitude earthquake today, damn it feels good to be back in the CA.

    • Michael Bertoni says:

      Lmao. I have a pool in my backyard and been swimming since 3 years old. I think you mean all the kneegrow and mexicants. Italians know how to swim

    • Michael Bertoni says:

      @Ya Boi Earrape your name sounds like a bad turd

    • jasin biggs says:

      Michael Bertoni italians are lazy. Have you seen how run down italy is lately

    • Mcluvin Therman says:

      California Living! You know ???

    • Mike Russo says:

      jasin biggs just so you know this freak doesn’t represent Italians, immigrants, or trump supporters. Of which I am all three. Don’t listen to that retard.

  2. Young Gunna says:

    I’m from Washington state the whole west coast is long over due for a massive earthquake

  3. Mrs.49er says:

    First time ever smoking WEED and I felt the EARTH MOVE DAMNNNN Y’ALL that was some GOOD ASSSSS!!!!! SHI# WOWWW!!!!!

  4. PhoenixI says:

    Everyone giving wishes to California, thanks and also for people that were far, nothing bad happened only shaking. But I don’t know about Where the 6.4 happened because in la it was like 1.5. Best wishes for people that had the 6.4 earthquake!

    • Esmeralda Sanchez says:

      I read it was in navajo dessert.Near the border between mexico and the U.S.

    • Jane Joad says:

      Yeah, no. I live 30 miles out of the city these days. My first huge quake was 1971 and I’ve been in everyone gone down since. You obviously know nothing of how quakes are measured for intensity if you think it only registered at 1.5 by the time it got to us.

    • PhoenixI says:

      Jane Joad jeez Im just going off to what my friend said. I don’t know anything about this.

    • Alli NA says:

      Thanks lived close by the where the earthquake happened

    • eric oxner says:

      I have family out there.I hope every body is all right.

  5. Not a chinese spy, Please believe says:

    “This is going to blow your mind”

    Random News Anchor- 2019

  6. Robert Duley says:

    Magma building in Pacific rim too maybe tied eclipse

  7. Judith Matthews says:

    Best wishes to all the people of California from Christchurch NZ . We know how devastating earthquakes can be. Hope you all keep safe. Xx

    • PaganSmurf says:

      thank you, but earthquakes out here don’t really phase most anybody- we overbuild for it, to the point that, unless it starts hitting 7.0’s, it’s like praying for us because a gentle breeze is blowing. the thought IS greatly appreciated, but just remember that for wildfire season… that’s when it actually matters. lol

    • Aniessa Palacioz says:

      I live in Fresno California I didn’t feal nothing

    • JustA says:

      Most in CA don’t take them that seriously. We get so many small quakes.

    • JustA says:

      @PaganSmurf And mudslides. Yikes. Deadly fires and mud.

    • T M says:

      Hopefully it swallowed up some illegals and liberals

  8. any neuvecelle says:

    From Oakland, on the Hayward fault, happy 4th L.A.

  9. Robyn Masters says:

    I live in Hollywood and even we felt that thing rattling for about 30 seconds.

  10. Master Mike Wazowski says:

    Looks like the Earth was also celebrating 4th of July!

    Ps: Hope you’re all safe!

    • Donna Valentino says:

      @michaelthemovieman Wow! So right Michael.

    • michaelthemovieman says:

      @ElSmusso Serves you Liberals right.

    • Mike Russo says:

      ElSmusso it’s a joke get real.

    • Mike Russo says:

      michaelthemovieman oof

    • eric oxner says:

      @michaelthemovieman You are gonna find out to your dismay.Earthquakes are bad for every body.And thinking that it cares about politics.Its two big plates of earth moving into each other.Or crashing into each other.Make no mistake buddy it can destroy any town, city.To think as if its gonna skip your home or town.Due to your political beliefs.Really?

  11. Amanda Lake says:

    Felt somewhat here in Fresno. Started to shake out of nowhere.

  12. T Hugh says:

    I felt it in my Pasadena home, thought it were going to crumble down.

  13. iofflxne says:

    Bruh i binge watched stranger things and went to sleep at 6:00 and was sleeping i just now woke up and my parents are saying that there was an earthquake

  14. shadomst says:

    China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station is in Ridgecrest, CA.

  15. xmart.0718 Fortnite says:

    My Grandma That Lives In TJ, Mex Even Said She Felt It!

  16. kimberly s says:

    Much love goes out to the Californians suffering on our nations B-Day. Stay safe.

  17. Duck Goes Quack says:

    All this was, is the earth giving America a hand job for its birthday 😉

  18. axelscottgmai Navarro says:

    I live in Los Angeles I was taking a shower and I was shaking but my family
    Also felt it thank God I don’t live in regdechest?

  19. Orion Ramos says:

    lowkey pissed this happened in the summer and not during school smh

  20. Akela DeWolf says:

    God hates kalifornicia. all those babies killing factorys i bet

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