6 Asians vs 1 Secret Non-Asian

6 Asians vs 1 Secret Non-Asian

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76 Responses

  1. Abu Eyad says:

    Every Mole on this show: okay, let me do some research……

    Brianna: Asian? Yeah I’ll wing it.

  2. laurie jpg says:

    girl: tries to explain a trend by doing it
    everyone there: *blindfolded*

  3. Anri says:

    It’s funny how they tryna find the mole when the mole is already out of the conversation 😂

    • Generic Name says:

      I thought that too lol. I always find it amusing when they’re interrogating each other and highly suspicious of each other after the mole has gone

  4. Maui says:

    Worst liar ever, so nervous and didn’t even try to lie about the Japanese culture.

  5. Cedric Johnson says:

    “I’m Mexican” 😂 I was hoping she would say she’s Asian lmao

  6. JE Gaming - Roblox Developer says:

    “I’m Asian” – 6 people
    “I’m Mexican” – 1 person

    *one of them is lying*

    how the hell did I get 2.9k likes in 7 hours

  7. Layla G. says:

    “Every Asian has an Asian name”…what😂💀I’ve met so many Asians that don’t have Asian names lol

  8. Apryl Carbonel says:

    “I feel like every asian has an asian name”

    Me, a filipino: … not really?

  9. Raees Somohardjo says:

    Aaron: *asks if they want to feel his arm hair*
    Everyone: You’re not asian

  10. Eridan Ampora says:

    i feel like the episodes rly boring when the mole gets immediately voted out

  11. Haxur says:

    who else could tell brianna wasnt asian by just hearing her voice

  12. del says:

    Brianna didn’t play to win, she played not to lose.

  13. H4Z4RD says:

    Not to brag or anything, but I figured out the mole before they started talking…

  14. KillJoy Lilis says:

    “I’m Mexican”

    I wonder who the mole is 🤔

  15. Datshortmexican says:

    6 people: I’m asian
    1 person: I’m mexican
    Announcer: one is a liar
    Me: …what?

  16. Micaela Gibson says:

    Still waiting for the “everyone is a mole” episode

  17. Armita H says:

    I don’t like how she said “I’m Mexican” because I love to play along and it kind of ruined the video for me…

  18. Andrew Ch Pangemanan says:

    The mole wasn’t prepare. Such a shame. One of the least interesting episode.

  19. Jowan Alfailakawi says:

    She looks really Indian should’ve gone with that

  20. Christina The Idiot Alien says:

    “Asians don’t really have arm hair”

    *glances down at arms*


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