6 Boys vs 1 Secret Girl | Odd Man Out

6 Boys vs 1 Secret Girl | Odd Man Out

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0:00 Intro
0:54 Player Strategies
2:08 Round 1
5:13 R1 Voting & Elimination
6:13 Round 2
11:20 R2 Voting & Elimination
12:28 Round 3
17:33 R3 Voting & Elimination
19:33 Game Outcome Reveal
20:12 Mole Reveal

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Kristopher – https://www.instagram.com/krisrulez7
Tristen – https://www.instagram.com/tristengeren
Ryne – https://www.instagram.com/ryne.dunman/
Chandler – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCWWa1QhqNh8BHapTj3cBWQ?view_as=subscriber
Bri – https://instagram.com/missbritorres

Video filmed 5/5/20

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77 Responses

  1. J. Liu says:

    we must protect sowad at all costs

  2. jenine j says:


    Kristopher: I *don’t* like Ted.

  3. Mich Mu says:

    Funniest thing was watching Ted and Kristopher gunning for each other the whole time😂

  4. mosincredible says:

    The second she said “not being able to wear makeup if you’re ugly”, she should’ve been out. No guy would say that.

    • Todesbewusstsein says:

      I actually see this type of comment quite a lot from guys (I am one myself and I also wish it was socially acceptable)

    • Javi_blinkuniverse says:

      I’ve said that and I’m a guy 😂

    • lawfence11 says:

      @Javi_blinkuniverse But a guy would phrase it as “If we’re ugly we can’t cover it up with makeup” rather than “we can’t wear makeup if we’re ugly.” The subtle difference gives a hint to the line of thinking behind it and what perspective it’s coming from.

    • j o r d y n says:

      i mean me and my guy friends have pretty well all said this at some point. i wish it were acceptable for me to wear makeup, especially being in the south

    • kaylee a says:

      @lawfence11 that’s a reach

  5. John Regalado says:

    Trans men are absolutely men too! My intention with the wording of the intro was to direct the focus away from anatomy but it was incorrectly phrased and too exclusive. My apologies to our trans viewers. Thanks for the call out 🙏🏼

    • Sychrari says:

      Sorry but trans men aren’t men according to biology

    • Black Knight Fool says:

      There are no men on that panel. They’re all hyper-feminine. The woman is probably the most manly.

    • Black Knight Fool says:

      LGBT people need to stop pretending or playing as straight people to steal our voice.

    • Black Knight Fool says:

      @Denian they’re not even like trans women but they actually hate men because most of them are otherwise just Butch lesbians transitioning to try to pick up women

    • Black Knight Fool says:

      It doesn’t get any more feminine then “I cried at the proposal because I’m not a monster. ”

      That’s a feminine male telling masculine men that they’re not humans.. Sort of how we used to talk about black people and some still do.

  6. 221 bee says:

    The “yessss,” multiple questions marks, and lower-case were giveaways

    • Artemis Moon says:

      @Jin Jun Liu We’re saying what she did wrong tho. Regardless of whether we knew she was the mole or not, those are some mistakes that would be a giveaway normally.

    • Nope gal says:

      Sowad types lowercase too, that doesn’t mean anything.

    • ege o says:

      Jin Jun Liu i didnt check the names to guess the mole for myself and when brian said yesssss, ????, talked about makeup and not having boobs i understood it was the mole

    • ege o says:

      Nope gal males type in lowercase too ofc im a male and use lowercase but its pretty clear that women mostly use lowercase more so its not like a giveaway but its a hint

    • 221 bee says:

      @Nope gal Sure, but compounded with the yesss and multiples question marks, which no one else but “Brian” used, would make me think that person is probably the woman.

  7. lillost says:

    Ted: I’m engaged.
    Kristopher: I don’t like Ted.
    Ted: I like making the first move.
    Kristopher: I don’t like Ted.
    Kristopher: I DON’T LIKE TED!

  8. Hot Take, Babe says:

    I would have been out on pant size. I didn’t even know men’s came as two numbers lol

  9. xo says:

    “and thats the real tea”
    “but this is water”

    -Sowad, 2020

  10. josh says:

    And this is why, kids, you shouldn’t trust anyone you meet or chat with online.

  11. Clinton Lowery says:

    I knew who the girl was as soon as I saw her. This was so easy.

  12. Sophia Braceras says:

    The fact that the mole wasn’t ever suspected while you have Ted and Kristopher going at each other.

  13. Hilary T says:

    20:40 “Brian Torres is the most generic name” all the Kevin Nguyen’s say otherwise

  14. D J says:

    The fact that not a single person voted for Bri is beyond hilarious to me

  15. no Yapp says:

    The girl giving feedback on why she voted for who like she’s not the mole😐

  16. XIAN C. says:

    Legend has it that Ted and Kristopher are still doubting each other

  17. Chioma A says:

    as soon as she replied with “yessss” and “king” I thought she was going to be voted out

  18. Lera Plaksyva says:

    Brian: is the mole
    Ted: “I don’t think it’s Brian, Brian is mentioning a lot of core guy things”

  19. Jess ` says:

    man they all seem like such good people, especially kristopher and sowad

    • Kris Reish says:

      I can confirm Sowad is the coolest guy.
      I do music on the side and as soon as he found it he was super supportive and showed up for releases, shared posts, and was a fan. He deserves the world

    • auysters_for_sal says:

      @Kris Reish I better not catch you hating the Chad Ted anymore with your half-man ass

  20. waltdisney566 says:

    Kristopher: I don’t like Ted. He’s nice.

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