6 BTS Fans vs 1 Secret Hater

6 BTS Fans vs 1 Secret Hater

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64 Responses

  1. Jubilee says:

    After (many) requests, we’re excited to bring this episode to you!! A BIG thanks to Simple Habit (amazing mental wellness app) for sponsoring the episode and making it possible. Get it for free by going to our special link (https://simplehabit.com/OddManOut). Take just a few minutes out of your day to improve your life by using Simple Habit.

  2. 신타낭 says:

    The caption is wrong. Not a BTS fan doesn’t mean he/she is a hater ?

  3. mada mada says:

    “we got three seconds tho- LAGIMOLALA”

    girl at the left: huh?

    we bEEN KNEW 3:16

  4. Helin‘s Suga says:

    They should’ve said bts paved the way & then waited to see who crunches their nose

    • cat Calico says:

      DRIPPY CX Jungkook said ARMY paved the way ☺️

    • T M says:

      @Alexis Ruiz Personally I think you’re wrong, Psy didn’t pave the way even though he had a lot of exposure because:
      1. A lot of people didn’t realise it was K-pop
      2. It didn’t make an impact for other groups at the time, sales and exposure for other K-pop artists didn’t increase it was only him that went famous so couldn’t pave the way if no one else can even walk on it
      3. Most people forgot about K-pop after his hype wore out, by the time BTS went big in the west around 2017 so many people weren’t aware of K-pop (especially those around me, and if you look at “asked what Kpop is on the streets” videos – there’s many recent ones too – there’s still so many people who don’t know K-pop or only know BTS or BP)
      4. After, BTS did interviews and shows in America, got nominated for a bbma, those same shows allowed other K-pop artists the chance as they got a good reaction from having BTS.
      5. PSY himself, along with Rain, Seo Taji, Twice and so many others who had impact agree it’s BTS that paved the way gave exposure for other K-pop artists
      6. As much as I respect Psy and I love his new label, he didn’t give a good image of K-pop, everyone around me at the time of gangnam style thought I was so embarrassing for liking K-pop

    • DRIPPY CX says:

      cat Calico for who?

    • T M says:

      @mal fa I agree that 2nd gen groups paved the way for K-pop in Asia (which is so important as places like Japan is one of the biggest music markets after US which is why K-pop groups makes Japanese songs specifically) but not the west. Although some charted on billboard, it wasn’t high, and most people still didn’t really know about it, I remember the struggles of being a 2nd gen K-pop stan. I suggest you look at experiences of Korean Americans (there’s really good articles and videos on it) who directly saw the impact on BTS on the west and themselves compared to 2nd gen when mostly their families etc. were the ones who listened to it, and how it had a stigma

    • DRIPPY CX says:

      I don’t care for this statement , just be mindful some ARMYS don’t either .

  5. dawon krisp says:

    When i saw jose i was like ohh hell nah he’d not a bts fan lmaoo he’s my fam by blood army lol

  6. RELIJ30N says:

    when tae referenced “lachimolala!” and the girl on the left was like, “hUh?”.

    man. that shiet hurted ?

    • mia with suga says:

      Could you explain that? I’m sorry I don’t know 🙁

      Edit: the BTS episode in which they wore headphones so that they couldn’t hear each other and then had to pronounce a word so that the other would figure it out. Jimin says, “Lachimolala”

    • Navy Wavy Draws says:

      Me neither

    • Jawdropping_Jin fan says:

      @mia with suga it’s from Run BTS ..episode 41 I think. It’s one of their most iconic moments and it stems even further back to AHL. You can look it up on youtube to get the gist of it.

    • Emma Cox says:

      I’ve been ARMY for almost three years now and I didn’t get that reference ???

    • faerieskies says:

      i’m surprised she didn’t know..

  7. Enzo Lorenzo says:

    I’m not even an army but I was hoping they would win. Wasn’t surprised about the EXO-L though hahaha.

  8. 【Pastel Thunder】 says:

    I would have just asked who Yeontan was, or simple questions like how many members, korean name, recent song

    • Did y’all see Jimin’s jams? says:

      Gahee Kim

      They probably watch “BTS facts that you didn’t know”

    • Tash says:

      There’re 7 contestants and 7 members, I would just have them each say a different member’s birthday

    • intaellectual says:

      Tash oof i don’t even know that lol

    • Mal ci says:

      If you’re on twitter you would know that wouldn’t work.. a lot of their haters are dedicated and know more than some fans do

    • nadhirah rahmat says:

      if i were there,i would probably ask them to do the fanchant…cause learning the fanchant was the first thing that i do when i join army,asides frm learning their faces&names…

  9. Nightly Owl says:

    Wow, this is the only time I’ve ever seen the lights turn green. BTS stans go hard. Shieet

  10. Ngoc Nguyen Bao says:

    Next time invite me and ima bring up all the inside jokes of bangtan

  11. grashle solaman says:

    it really bothers me how they singled out tae because he was older, they don’t know what BTS is all about and what being an army means. anyone and everyone can be an army, not just a bunch of prepubescent girls.

  12. Rochelle Gardiola says:

    Well that girl when said that her fave song is ‘Home’ I knew she is a true fan?

  13. gloO emmanuëlle says:

    When tae said ‘lachimolala’ and the girl said ‘huh’ my doubts were all over the place

  14. Antonia Polat says:

    Finally, in one of these episodes the mole loses.
    Damn its good seeing others win.

  15. chinnywenwen says:

    Jose didnt even need to talk. Every army will recognize him????

  16. Hi Hi says:

    this is the only “odd man out” episode where they actually caught the mole. if this doesn’t tell you about how strong ARMY is, I don’t know what does.



  17. W0rłdŴîdë Hãñdśömė says:

    Well KAREN why did u take Tae out??? Cuz he was “old”?

  18. Taehyung bang says:

    It really hurts me when she said ‘huh?’ to lachimolala

  19. I Mean, Could You Not Though says:

    The ageist comments were illogical. On another note, Darla is stunning.

  20. Niku Mori says:

    This was funny episode! The mole was easier to spot because people who don’t like BTS would not admit to be ARMY even if they can get paid.

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