6 Clever Ways To Speed Up Your Chores

6 Clever Ways To Speed Up Your Chores

Here is what you’ll need!

6 Clever Ways To Speed Up Your Chores

Instead of bringing out the vacuum, try using a lint roller to touch up small spills on rugs and carpet.

Instead of taking the blender apart and risk cutting yourself while cleaning the blade, simply blend warm water and a few drop of dish soap. Blend for a few seconds. Pour out the dirty water and rinse.

Instead of spending a lot of time scrubbing grease, pour hot water over dirty dishes. Warning: avoid plastic containers because they may melt or warp.

Instead of storing trash bag roll under the sink, try storing one inside the trash can. You’ll never forget to line your trash can again!

Instead of using elbow grease to scrub baking pans, make a paste out of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Apply generous amount all over the pan. Leave for at least 2 hours then wipe down and wash normally.

Instead of vacuuming infrequently, put a sock over your hand for easy dusting. It’s easier for you to access nooks and crannies this way too!

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20 Responses

  1. Kiyara Weerakoon says:

    This is genius – the hot water and sock one especially. Why is this channel so underrated?

  2. Aleenaaa Adnannn says:

    Let me just get out my hydrogen peroxide…

  3. Orange Black says:

    Chorecuts could have been such a great title

  4. F A says:

    if you have that lime/lemon after juicing, DON’T THROW IT AWAY. after rinse the dishes with warm water, use lime/lemon to scrub your greased dishes. just use it as like sponge with little watered dish soap. works really well.

  5. Emily Brianna says:

    The pan still looks dirty

  6. Faith says:

    buzzfeed nifty should have the same amount of subscribers as boldly and blue and byzzfeed. am I right or am I right 😌

  7. Leorge Gopez says:

    Who the fuck doesn’t know about the trash can and blender

  8. Cheshirekitten says:

    Hold on, let me just get my hydrogen peroxide out the cupboard…

  9. Xavier Johnson says:

    Wait aren’t you supposed to wash dishes with hot water anyway..?

  10. Mary Abbate says:

    Of course I’m gonna wait TWO FUCKING HOURS for my pan to get clean, when I could just take a paper towel and windex to clean it in 5 seconds.

  11. peanutbutterlover jr says:


  12. Salory 2 says:

    0:22 – Lol, they’re not going to melt x3 Plastic can get hot, it even goes in the dishwasher!

  13. Holly Nicole says:

    Girl, that pan did not look new.

  14. emma18azn says:

    im triggered the fact they put the bowl in the drying rack right side up. it will never be dry with a pool of water on the inside

  15. john leoan says:

    *Too much work, I’ll let my wife do all that*

  16. bluntino says:

    Seems like buzzfeeds fanbase is under 13 …

  17. Meadow.Starr says:

    I let my dishes soak In hot water instead of just putting hot water on them

  18. Hana M says:

    Who else turned off the annoying music as soon as it started

  19. sanity says:

    Uhh didn’t you guys already mention these thing back in older vids..like around 2014-2015

  20. EDP's Bed says:

    This is the kind of buzzfeed I miss

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