6 Foods That Are Toxic If You Prepare Them Incorrectly

6 Foods That Are Toxic If You Prepare Them Incorrectly

We prepare a lot of our food to make it safer to eat, but a piece of bread probably won’t hurt you if it’s not made correctly. These six foods, on the other hand, definitely can.

Hosted by: Stefan Chin

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75 Responses

  1. Patrick Philippy says:

    Roses are red,
    Scishow is the best.
    I just hit my head,
    And now I need some rest.

  2. Avery Lopez-Baines says:

    Poor Mrs. Puff

  3. giggity goochers says:

    The most toxic thing is the Internet.

  4. Robin mag Spiele says:

    Can you pls talk about article 13 ?

    • nGon- says:

      +G-Man Bond 007 they’ve covered similar topics before (remember the net neutrality issue in the US). I wouldn’t consider it a very ‘political’ subject, controversial and debatable perhaps. And even if those companies do it purely out of self interest, the consumers are ultimately the ones paying the price for any additional costs inflicted to the company.

    • Anne S says:

      G-Man Bond 007 they covered the crazy, corrupt Brazilian politics that no local brazil show is allowed to criticize (anyone who does is fired by the PT workers party)

    • LetsPlayCrazy says:

      Schau mal “mrwissentogo”s video dazu an. Könnte dich interessieren.

    • POVadventure says:

      All you need to know is that it is being blown way out of proportion.

  5. xinic5 says:

    “Never rub another man’s Rhubarb!”

  6. Kim Jong-un says:

    I’ll eat anything, even if it’s prepared incorrectly. I’m indestructible

  7. Muscle Hank says:

    The last time I ate a vegetable was June 12, 1996. I got E Coli from a slice of lettuce. I’ve consumed nothing but pure protein powder ever since.

    • regalgrit says:

      +Dan R. dude, I was just making a joke relivant to the video xD I understood what you meant

    • Joseph Trethewey says:

      Soooo ur just a moron. Got it

    • Jonathan Odude says:

      +Kbell Source? ive read that conventional farmers dont use human waste for that exact reason, and even if they did, it would have to be processed first and still wouldnt be used for food that we eat. also buying organic is a joke. it wastes so much more resources and land and produces less. so much waste on organic farms compared to conventional.

  8. the alleys Nick K says:

    I was hoping i could get through the day without someone mentioning anal rash. Not today…

  9. Jasper Butcher says:

    5:21 there’s a story behind that gaze

  10. Amigo21189 says:

    Now you know why cashews are more expensive than most other common nuts: It takes a certain something extra to convince someone to pick fruit from a tree that it literally hurts to touch.

  11. Master Therion says:

    If I eat too much toxic food I gain weight, it goes straight to my toxic waist.

  12. Patrick Reding says:

    I’m surprised you didn’t mention freshwater eels. Their blood is toxic until cooked, which is why sushi restaurants only serve unagi grilled.

  13. OxundHeiner says:

    learning: raw is sometimes not so suitable for human nutrition

  14. Latoya Clarke says:

    Nowadays people eat more KFC than Ackee and Saltfish in Jamaica.. Haha they should just make KFC the national dish.. 3:28

    • turtle2720 says:

      In Scandinavia rhubarb and kidney beans are common foods. It’s common knowledge here that rhubarb/beans needs to be properly prepared… like cleaning the cutting board, washing hands before dinner or fresh fish smells of the sea (not fish smell!) 🙂 but with all the fast food restaurants that knowledge is disappearing – nobody creates a solid nutritious, well tasting dish anymore :/

    • MeShannan says:

      Lol why do we eat so many of the things on this list? I didn’t know my aunties were putting my life at risk ????

    • Norris Thomas says:

      Dwl Burger King line long too!

    • LagiNaLangAko23 says:

      Well it’s chicken

  15. AuthenticLogic says:

    If you prepare Oysters wrong, have fun on the toilet.

  16. Michael Skinner says:

    Oxalate can promote kidney stones. Found that out the hard way:-/

  17. Captain Anopheles says:

    The first people to eat rhubarb:

    Eat the leaves: poison
    Eat the flowers: poison
    Eat the roots: poison
    Eat the stems: ok! Just need a pound of sugar! Yum!

    • turtle2720 says:

      Rhubarb was also used as a laxative in olden days.

    • Lord Gronor says:

      I freaking love eating raw rhubarb though. My cousins and I would pick it straight out of my great-grandmothers garden and eat it. We called it sour celery

    • LagiNaLangAko23 says:

      +Felipe Vitorino don’t grinding the cassava and letting it dry make it edible?

    • J.R. Caldoon says:

      I can’t help but find a parallel between rhubarb and pokeweed. seriously, whoever managed to find out that pokeweed is actually Not Deadly when the leaves are young, and have been boiled in fresh changes of water -half a billion- three to four times, deserves props for their persistence, or for their utter desperation in needing food.

  18. Nerdy_Jr.2737 says:

    Shout out to all the early humans who ate all of these and died taking one for the team

  19. Christopher Bell says:

    As the late Sir Terry Pratchet wrote, ‘all fungi are edible, but some are only edible once’.

  20. Bobby Harper says:

    That rash around Uranus sounds astronomically irritating.

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