6 Girls vs 1 Secret Boy

6 Girls vs 1 Secret Boy

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Director: Cole Bacani
Casting Director: Mark Chandler
Production Coordinator: Emma Pek
Equipment Coordinator: Pat Saulo
Assistant Editor: Jing Yi Goh
Post-Production Coordinator: Claire Chung

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0:00 intro
0:12 round 1
5:04 round 2
9:11 round 3
10:36 round 4
12:47 final reveal

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38 Responses

  1. nectar says:

    6:08 natt pretending to know how periods work is so… 💀

  2. Soothing Sounds says:

    he sounds so convincing when he said “I have horses” … I believed it

  3. ashe says:

    Credit to Natt for making that super-realistic girl voice

  4. Agastya Bhat says:

    listening to natt switch from hsi normal voice to trying to imitate a girl voice was way too funny

  5. RemarkableRule says:

    Matt should have said his height was his biggest insecurity. Most 6ft girls would be VERY self conscious of that

  6. Aggie B says:

    The voice change is crazy 😂

  7. Cassandra Higgins says:

    Jubilee, you’ve outdone yourselves

  8. Crustyflakes says:

    definitely the most impressive guy on the show, he participated a lot and really nailed it, dude’s so funny lol

  9. Joseph DeJesus says:

    The fact that he made so much of this up is killing me 😂💀

  10. Avery says:

    I loved that Natt would just straight up lie, even when it’s not needed. Like sure you have horses, sure you’re wearing a tank top! I just love that-

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