6 Middle Schoolers vs 1 Secret 5th Grader

6 Middle Schoolers vs 1 Secret 5th Grader

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70 Responses

  1. Ragini Bhasin says:

    Hi everyone! I directed this episode of OMO, hope you all enjoyed watching it! Would love to answer any questions.

  2. Scedobear says:

    You all heard it from Tye: “Mole People are quiet.”

    Probably why we do not know if they exist.

  3. christyne macavinta says:

    “Everyone is my enemy” yep this kid knows what’s up

  4. Jiminah xxx says:

    “She looks sassy I like that” -tye
    “As soon as this is over we’re gonna get each other’s numbers” -caylie

    ladies and gentlemen we got em

  5. Hugh Lake says:

    i like how everyone is standing in a line except for Tye who is standing in front and looking back at everyone😂

  6. Grace Chen says:

    “Everyone’s an extrovert.”
    Me: Yeah right. Try being me kid

  7. Scedobear says:

    8:32 Tye: “Guys, Guys, Guys, Guys; it’s getting dark.”

    Sounds like something someone in a horror movie would say.

  8. Duabci boi says:

    Who uses tiktok
    Everyone: I do

  9. Radical - COD Zombies says:

    *Only 1 person votes for Caylie in the last round*
    Caylie wins & reveals she’s the mole
    Everyone: *OmG i kNeW iT wAs yOu*

    • Suki Szn says:

      This happens almost all the time 🤣🤣🤣

    • Cassie2507 says:

      Can we talk about when she fucked up so hard in the first round talking about recess or whatever it is that they have in elementary but they don’t have in middle school, which she didn’t know and they called her out on it but then completely forgot? Children are so easily distracted, she served herself on a silver plater and they still manage to loose 😂

    • Renie B. says:

      @Cassie2507 Some Middle Schools actually do have recess. Mine did anyways. 😂😂😂

    • kья says:

      Cassie2507 I didn’t actually know lmao. in australia we have primary prep – 6 and highschool 7 – 12 and we have recess in highschool

  10. XboxGaming SavageGod says:

    “Middle schoolers are complete extroverts”

    Me: laughs in introvert

  11. rachel.doremi says:

    6:03 – Poor kid’s genuinely annoyed be these girls stealing his phone… dudes… stop…
    Edit: ends up with all the ladies

  12. Lana Purdy says:

    wait wtf imagine being born in 2007 or 2008 IDK WHY THAT’S JUST SO SCARY TO ME

  13. it’s_ Krista says:

    I’m in 8th grade and we still have “recess” (where we talk with our freinds outside)

  14. sue sylvester says:

    me to myself:
    you can’t make fun of them, they’re children.
    you can’t make fun of them, they’re children.

  15. Sarah G. says:

    “What did you learn today?”

  16. Sofigiwater says:

    Nobody at all:
    Tye: tHe Way ShE loOKed WaS vErY SaSsY aNd I KinDA liKEd iT

  17. Gaming Central says:

    Someone: you don’t get detention for little things

    Me: gets a detention for falling

  18. Cleo A says:

    10:13 I’m sorry WHAT why is nobody talking about this

  19. xSniper x Galx says:

    “I feel like middle schoolers are extremely extroverted.”
    Everyone: -._-.

  20. • Moo Shoo • says:

    When Caylie said
    “If there could be no history in this world, I’d be happy”

    I could just tell that she was a 5th grader

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