6 Nail Polish Life Hacks

6 Nail Polish Life Hacks

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20 Responses

  1. Jolsen says:

    do I even want to know why you have nail polish in the 1st place?

  2. BettyBoo42 says:

    If you’re not from Poland you can’t do this.

    Get it? Because polish hacks?? Im gonna hang myself now

  3. Marta P.m says:

    Welcome back to my laboratory, and Holo is number one priority ????

  4. Harmonizer Simona says:

    Guys when you go camping always bring nail polish xD

  5. Dyl Real says:

    this is actually really helpful great vid man?✔

  6. MILLER 6312 says:

    Or you can just lick the thread

  7. Joel Abraham says:

    Am I the only one who read Polish as Po-lish as in the people of Poland ??

  8. Roope Salonen says:

    *Closes the envelope*

    Oops i forgot to put something in the envelope

  9. Bomb Survivor says:


    Eet turn too stiek

  10. Amaan Azim says:

    I can imagine a 6 foot tall russian walks into a store and says can i have
    some nail polish. XD

  11. Soham K says:

    this whole video is a that’s what she said joke

  12. Stacie-Lou says:

    Instead of using nail polish, who else just licks the end of a thread to
    get all the bits into 1? ??

  13. Nylah Kimbrough says:

    Why do you have nailpolish in a “survival situation”

  14. Natalie Gortych says:

    Any holosexuals?? ?????

  15. God of the cat`s :3 says:


  16. Dilcia Ramos says:

    Uhhhhhhhh where’s the holo ???

  17. nanafalke says:

    If you drink nail polish and then nail polish remover, you will be
    perfectly fine because the polishremover removes the nail polish.

  18. NekoNeko Liara says:

    I literally thought it was from simplynotlogical

  19. Aimee Do says:


  20. BMW YASEEN says:

    “Watsup eveybody wlecum to my labltoly weae safety is numbe one piaoiaty”
    Taras- every time -