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31 Responses

  1. Jajuan Logan says:

    Too much firepower at the end of the day. It’s gonna be hard for anyone to beat this team 4 times.

    • William Dean says:

      @Kelli Smith Everyone wasn’t healthy.. People forget the Warriors lost their starting center in game 5 and he was out the rest of the series. Plus Draymond suspension in game 5

    • The Blue Wave says:

      @Justin Allen Curry owns Cp3. They cant all guard curry when Goldenstate is healthy.

    • MR YUP says:

      @Gee Tee eh, I need to see Grizz play one or two more times before I judges

    • Bakasyonify TV says:

      @Kelli Smith been watching the warriors since Curry’s rookie injured season 😂 that’s why i remember bogut got injured, and draymond was suspended

  2. Nordic Soda says:

    This was the first time we’ve ever seen Curry, Klay, Draymond, and Wiggins play together and yet it felt like we’ve seen them play together all the time. Great win

  3. Daniel Ally says:

    Jordan Poole is a future superstar!

  4. One Word says:

    I love watching warriors games, especially their ball movement. Given how most teams prefer iso balls, warriors truly play like a team.

  5. ttuttu namizake says:

    what i really like about Warriors is their willingness to develop their young players. they also have good eye on drafting potential talent. almost all of their core players are drafted/develop by them.they make their own star players. others said that its unfair because they got 4 star player, like hello! they drafted,develop,utilized them,they’re unknown from their early years. if ya’ll are saying its unfair, you can also develop your own core and make them a star. i guess they can’t because other org are trading their young players for a ripe star already player. which may have a negative effects,if you trade for a star player sometimes its hard for the org to make the player listen to them.

  6. Bruce Scott says:

    The Golden State Warriors defeated the Denver Nuggets. The former is off to a heady start…A BLOWOUT!!! GO, WARRIORS, GO!!! WELCOME BACK, STEPH!!!

  7. Daniel Ally says:

    The Poole is too deep for those Nuggets.

  8. Shy Fam TV says:

    Poole is definitely not scared of the moment. He is the most-improved player of the year hands DOWN!! Everyone contributed for this win. BIG WIN for my dubs!!! Let’s go!!!

  9. RJ & Cupid says:

    The Warriors are always a force to be reckoned with. You never know who is going to step up and have a dominant performance. Poole is a stone-cold baller.

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