Led by Stephen Curry’s 34 PTS, the Golden State Warriors defeated the Denver Nuggets in Game 2, 126-106. Jordan Poole added 29 PTS, 5 REB and 8 AST for the Warriors in the victory, while Nikola Jokic tallied 26 PTS, 11 REB and 4 AST for the Nuggets.
Next Game:
Golden State Warriors at Denver Nuggets – April 21 at 10pm/et on TNT
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38 Responses

  1. Matthew Elms says:

    Possibly Jordan Poole’s best game ever. Doing it ALL out there!

    • Django Unchained says:

      @Emmanuel K-ci bro stop talking you’re one of those guys that rides any good team out of spite of LeBron and you knock LeBron fir doing what other teams have done even worse 🤣🤣🤣 again you’re a goal post mover simple smh

    • Dr K.I.A. says:

      @Emmanuel K-ci really! They usually fail, if not for Kyrie, love, dellavedova getting hurt, they lose the first matchup. Last two were b/c of Durrant (and his punka#* leaving the team who drafted him. They a hacking, eye poking, balls kicking, chopping fouling machine, that’s the only way DRE can play center…he cant jump & too short… but excellent hacker & back pusher & eye poker.

    • Django Unchained says:

      @Emmanuel K-ci Warriors didn’t draft Andre igudala Andrew bogut David west or David Lee all those guys were Allstars before they played in gsw but lemme guess they’re old right 🤣🤣🤣

    • Django Unchained says:

      @Dr K.I.A. exactly that’s like me saying warriors didn’t draft igudala Andrew bogut or David west 🤣🤣🤣

    • Emmanuel K-ci says:

      @Dr K.I.A. They are older but they are still professional basketball players. If you fail to guard them they can drop 40pts on you. Lebron dropped multiple 40 to 50pts games this year. Leave Camelo or Russ open and they both can drop 40pts on you if the coach decides to run the offense through them. Look at what Chris Paul has turned the Suns into? I don’t buy that ”they are old” excuse.

  2. Gunk MasterFlex says:

    wow, this game felt like i was watching the warriors of 2016 again. the chemistry is off the charts and the blaence between all the players is amazing .

  3. Jomz Ochoa says:

    Jordan Poole is on the right path of his own greatness. Having legends around him as mentors made it possible

  4. ddaeng_girl says:

    it’s never not entertaining to watch a Warriors game, they’re the reason I watch basketball honestly

  5. DJ ASH | ASRL07 Music says:

    Curry, Poole, and Thompson putting on the show 🔥🔥🔥 combined 84 points 🔥

  6. Ah’Zir says:

    This energy is bringing back all the 2016-17 memories man 😢
    Edit : 4:55 look at curry’s head smh

  7. Slim Dunk'n says:

    This was amazing okay the GSW, literally amazing team play

  8. Drawnby1 says:

    watching the warriors is like watching a movie, they’re so goddamn entertaining! That ball movement and their firing range from everyone is unmatched

  9. Felipe Jimenez says:

    Golden State showtime on full display. Been waiting for this whole season 💯

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