6 officers shot in Philadelphia released from hospital

6 officers shot in Philadelphia released from hospital

Six officers were shot when erupted Wednesday when officers were serving a narcotics warrant in Philadelphia, leading to an hourslong standoff. Another two officers and three people were freed after being trapped for several hours. CBS News correspondent Jericka Duncan reports from the scene.

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100 Responses

  1. Taruden Taruhito says:

    well well, the predicted shooting to change the conversation away from Epstein, outstanding

    • Any Body says:

      @Karla Conchas Incompetence accounts for most conspiracy-based narratives. My sister runs a major corporation but can’t keep her mouth shut about who is having date, which she mixes up the names & places almost all the time. 2 people cannot keep a secret. To have a conspiracy you need dozens of secrets.

    • Mack Gloven says:

      Taruden Taruhito

      It’s America, it’s not hard to predict a shooting

    • Purebred Shekelberg says:

      @FunTimeMonkey 209 Jew detected

    • Kyle Laughinghouse says:

      @Karla Conchas no thats called security clearence levels like q clearence that grants u to view the darkest secretes theres alot the public doesnt need to know about what the government does so u can live that cushy lifestyle that every american loves

    • David S says:

      I still predict Jeffery Epstein was to cover up Dr. Robert Epstein.

  2. SuperStuffliker says:

    I love people trying to push this as an anti gun narrative even though he couldn’t legally own firearms…

    • Jason Frias says:

      @Swirvin’ Birds okay so you want to ban guns? Well the majority of law abiding citizens will turn over their guns, as for the criminals, you really think they are gonna settle for that? If anything criminals will be happy if guns are banned because it removes the stress of getting shot. Which also means increased crime rate (Chicago stirctest gun laws, highest crime rates). We have over 300 million guns there is no way we can turn back. Also not all black market guns come from legally obtained guns, some are illegally transported to the United states just like drugs. Also not to mention the 2nd amendment was placed there for a reason so we can protect ourselves from tyrannical governments. Many people think trump is literally hitler, yet those same people who thinks that are the same people who want to ban guns. Makes absolutely no sense. One more thing I’ll add is nobody is gonna protect you and your loved ones life more than yourself. Police are never there WHEN the crime occurs. If they are it’s very lucky but most of the time they arrive after the crime has been committed.

    • Brandon 093 says:

      Exactly. Mayor wants to call out the nra yet I guarantee none of these guys guns were legally obtained an probably didn’t have serial numbers.

    • Josh Colby says:

      @Swirvin’ Birds the point was that criminals break laws. And can always find a way to get what they want

    • Swirvin' Birds says:

      @Jason Frias State lines don’t stop guns buddy. You can have a ban in 1 state and there is nothing to stop you from buying it in a state where it isn’t banned and taking it to a state where it is banned.
      States with the highest crime rates in the US are New Mexico, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Alabama, South Carolina, Tennessee, North Carolina, West Virginia, Oklahoma …. Etc etc etc. The top crime states are filled with Red States .


      BTW Chicago doesn’t have ‘the toughest gun-laws in the country.’ That is simply false.

      Currious to where you live that you are stressed over being shot? Is it a Red state or something?

      So too many guns so just throw our hands up and surrender? Nevermind every singles gun removed will lower your chances of being shot.

      We can not stop plane crashes from ever happening so lets just drop all safety standards right? Who cares if a few more lives are saved right?

    • Swirvin' Birds says:

      @Josh Colby yes but do you make it easier or harder on them to do so?

  3. Maddox YT says:

    Parents: It’s because of those gosh darn video games!

    • Chris Zepeda says:

      Maddox yt and country music

    • Phill Simmer says:

      @Mathew kimmerle People say we are becoming more desensitized for a while now. But war and mass killing has been a part of civilization for several millenia. I mean, look at how much progress has been made through war alone.

      We’ve only become more sensitive because of technology and social media awareness. And also because we take safety for granted.

      Video games aren’t turning us into killers. Society does that for us. If you want to see where that level of hatred comes from. Look for the loneliest person with the most problems. Ask them how much they care for the human race.

    • Mathew kimmerle says:

      @Phill Simmer your Absolutely right

    • Mathew kimmerle says:

      @Phill Simmer the bad part is people are willing to give up their rights because their being fed that we have to give up our rights in order to be safe.

    • Anonymous Voice says:

      Yea even though ita a joke, studies show that violent video games do not cause violent actions in real life

  4. Ken Marto says:

    Always gotta bring up gun laws seems a little fishy to me ?

  5. Hotlegs Hoolihan says:

    Lets just forget that the guy who had all the dirt on our wealthy and powerful baby rapists just got killed before he could testify.

  6. Prince Otter Channel2 says:

    Distract from Epstein and take away guns at same time. Governments tryna do a pro gamer move

  7. Jackson H. says:

    Who’s Epstein? I already forgot because of this false flag.

  8. Paul Stivers says:

    This just in, autopsy reveals a stray bullet from Philadelphia killed Epstein.

  9. joli minou says:

    Lol why is a shoot out in philly a national story??‍♀️??

    • Ryan Bugg says:

      This just in, homeless rates are up in Los Angeles… Cocaine sales in Miami are on the rise… Chicago police charged with abuse of power

    • Greg says:

      @HORSE – D Bruh what?? So you think white supremacists want more gun control? I understand you’re trolling but that’s just dumb af

    • AllyMonsters says:

      @Mychael Johnson God you’re an idiot. News flash court cases and the law don’t move according to public whims and the news. If that was the case that minor fraction you see that does, is literally less then 1% of all cases in the US. Do you think all high profile cases have to be in the news in order to move forward?

    • Jonathan Graham says:

      @Manny Guardado….what u said!

    • Anthony Joseph says:

      Imagine being this dumb. People like you is the reason my soap has a warning label that reads “don’t eat.”

  10. Seth Gray says:

    “when you think of Philadelphia you think about the amount of gun violence….” Call me crazy, but when I think of Philadelphia I think of cheesesteaks

    • clockwork org says:

      Welcome to Niggadelpha ..

    • Graphik Dezigns says:

      @Rob Tran And tell me, Mr. Tran, in Vietnamese neighborhoods, who is causing the most violence against Vietnamese people? Is it not other Vietnamese people? I know you’re not trying to talk about racial violence with a Vietnamese surname, right? Shall we break down the obscene levels of Viet vs. Viet violence in your home country? A country that is actually on the Human Rights Watch Lists for violence? Shall we talk about the organized crime that grips Vietnam? The government corruption and abuses of Vietnamese citizens by Vietnamese police? The wave of crimes that occur against foreigners? Don’t try to pretend you’re better than anyone.

    • Mick says:

      @austin Khan philadelphia is statistically worse than Chicago

    • Authentic 215 says:

      Philly not even that bad come get you a cheesesteak

    • 65Cobra427 says:

      I’m guessing you’ve never been. Place is a cesspool of uncaged animals

  11. David Bouru says:

    Glad the cops are alright and all but it’s so great how both left and right wing want Epstein answers 😀

  12. Jarod Walker says:

    Y’all the shootings don’t really stop, it’s just the frequency of coverage that changes.

    Jeffery Epstein though.

    • Steve Campbell says:

      @Rubber Ducky no your 100% right they did a survey among inmates and asked if they ever dropped a mark because they thought they were armed and some thing like 75% said yes. The mass shooting thing is just a whole bucket of worms you want my answer…..a soft generation (I am millennial btw) who was never told no and were told that they were the best gets angry that they hit the wall and want to take it out on everyone else. It’s just worse with this generation because social media has created a generation of narcissists who think it’s cool. I saw a graph a few weeks ago that shows the number of mass shooting in a year and then layered the introduction dates for various SM platforms on top ….everytime a new platform comes out a subsequent uptick in shootings. That’s the elephant in the room no one wants to talk about right there.

    • malevolentmoron says:

      @Steve Campbell i think we may be talking about two different issues, or at least, two different forms of reasoning.

    • Steve Campbell says:

      @malevolentmoron no I merely pointing out that both you and the person you were responding to are both technically correct. Gun crime as a whole is on the decline….while high profile incidents ie mass shootings are on the rise.

    • Stephen Solomon says:

      Big facts we all know they push their own narratives

    • Hank Hill says:

      @张含 speak english hojo

  13. elconejito99 says:

    I was going to post something about this being a distraction from Epstein, and looks like my fellow youtubers are ahead of me. Good job y’all! ?✌?✊

  14. malena garcia says:

    I don’t nothing about what the goverment tell me. (George carlin)

  15. HORSE - D says:

    Trust nothing the government controlled mainstream media says……. NOTHING

  16. gblack902 says:

    Finally us as a people are AWAKENING.. people stand up…WHO KILLED THAT MAN IN FED LOCK UP???????

  17. Joseph Walsh says:

    In other news, bones in Epstein’s neck had been broken.

  18. Fernando Tejeda says:

    I read that Epstein had broken bones in his neck that are indicative of strangulation.

    • Skully Games says:

      He was screaming in his cell the morning hi died u dont scream from killing yourself he was props murdered but they have a look a like so he may still be alive

    • Seaside Wister says:

      Skully Games : exactly ?

    • Seaside Wister says:

      Phill Simmer : Yes, I became a dreaded conspiracy theorist myself. NPA wanted Bernie to win. Have been in shock since trump won; but, I dig the corruption he reveals by participation. Our country is a hotdamn freak show. My own ‘hyoid bone’ hurts from chain smoking & sudden onset alcoholism… to deal with all of this.

    • Phill Simmer says:

      @Seaside Wister I get the conspiracy theorist bit. I’ve dabbled pretty heavily, myself. But idc about that as much atm. All I can do is construct theories based on what is fact and what can be understood.

      Imo, there is a divisiveness in the US. And it comes from the most seemingly irrelevant places sometimes.

      Like Hollywood and liberal activism has a weird obsession with messages regarding unity and anti-hate. Yet ironically, the greatest issues come from social media confrontations and oversaturation of information.

      Throw in some shootings and we feel that tinge to unite. Except against one another with political differences.

      Imo, I’m not looking at the shootings or Epstein. I’m looking at how much pressure is rising among the people.

    • jeffs Fx says:

      Ya, well, epstein isnt dead

  19. HttpMddy says:

    This didn’t take our mind off of Epstein

  20. Drippy Splashn says:

    Anything to stop talking about Epstein and push gun control….again …you will never take illegal firearms off the street their are far to many

    • Sam Bradley says:

      They could if they addressed the actual issue which isn’t the guns itself, but the organised crime that made them necessary, which came about from the broken economic situations pushed onto and confining impoverished communities

      There is no one solution to gun violence; the only thing we can do is observe trends and see what the common threads are and address those instead

    • Phill Simmer says:

      @Sam Bradley Finally! Someone with independent thought. Not to mention, a desire to understand an issue, while finding an ideal solution.

      Rare qualities I see in people. But it’s always worth respecting.

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