6 Potato Gadgets put to the Test

6 Potato Gadgets put to the Test

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20 Responses

  1. LavaLynx says:

    Put little balls of aluminum foil in a plastic bottle and then pour a bit
    of sodium hydroxide or just some drain cleaner. Mix everything together,
    put the lid back on and place it somewhere. Keep a distance from the bottle
    and it’ll be a nice BOOM.

  2. Abd Palistine says:

    “this is so cool”

    like you taras kul?

  3. Odhran4Gaming says:

    For the first one you get the potatoes peeled ina minute but have to spend
    15 minutes cleaning the machine :)

  4. AlphaKevin DLC says:

    you need to dry the chips be for you put they in the microwave

  5. Erike1999 says:

    6:30 “Dis is de best mash pertater”

  6. freaky frize says:

    potato gagjets ???

  7. Harry Danaj says:

    This is amaizing ??

  8. PreppieMC says:

    7:29 lets grab a giant potato and stuff it in there xD

  9. The legoguy22 says:

    3:38 did he just eat molten plastic???

  10. Homam Sha says:

    ,, Ahhh dat es soo hat”

    ”CrazyRussianHacker, 20-11-2016
    minute 7:57”

  11. Cormac Joseph Lyons says:

    It’s ok guys, no potatoes were harmed in the making of this video

  12. Gregory Jones says:

    lol he eats plastic at 3:36

  13. Kültegin Batyr says:

    pateyta gadjiks AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA cool man

  14. Nick of Time! says:

    6:56, you mean sour cream & butter, right?

  15. Jojo Johnson says:

    wonder what he did with all those pateytas

  16. Harley's TØP phandom says:

    ahh yes I love making pateytas

    EDIT: I love CRH I’m not making fun of him. I love his accent too :3

  17. john louise edig says:

    That 2nd to the last gadget reminds me of something only adult websites can
    show :3

  18. MarcsLab says:

    welcome back to my kitchen.

  19. fruitdemon says:

    i do old school way lol, cut em thin, place on a baking sheet that’s
    sprayed with Pam spray, put old bay, pepper as a topping, broil in oven for
    2-3 mins done

  20. Will The Dee says:

    Wow I think I might try these peteyta gajiks