6 Vegans vs 1 Secret Meat Eater

6 Vegans vs 1 Secret Meat Eater

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40 Responses

  1. Jubilee says:

    Hey good humans! Hope you enjoyed this episode of Odd Man Out – more coming soon! IMPORTANT REQUEST: please be respectful of the individuals in our videos regardless of whether you strongly disagree with what they said or did. Please do not go personal or invade their privacy – we do not stand by that at all. We appreciate your passion; let’s all try to focus it on positivity ?

  2. Molly M says:

    Erin: So, what mode on your fan do you use?

    Vegan: I usually have my fan on high or medium because I get hot easily

    Erin: ThAtS nOt VeGaN

  3. Fiona Marcotte says:

    Erin is making sure vegans continue to have a bad reputation.

  4. Nyx.Raexx says:

    Girl: i am the rudest vegan ever
    Erin: *hold my vegan clothes*
    Girl: but clothes can’t be vegan
    Erin: OH AND I OOP–

  5. Ezequiel Roth says:

    Afro Black kid: “Erin asked all the heavy hitting questions”
    Erin: “what’s your favorite candy”

  6. Runconna says:

    Erin: What do you do when walking past a BBQ joint
    Person: Breath
    Erin: That’s not vegan!

  7. slimkt says:

    She doesn’t deserve actual hate, but hopefully Erin sees the comments and takes a nibble of a chill-pill (yes, they’re vegan.)

    • Sabit Wagad says:

      I def agree with you! But Erin definitely made the video interesting and enjoyable to me at least. Chaos is always fun

  8. Itstee J says:

    Who else wanted to slap Erin. She was definitely the “obnoxious vegan” and was excluding others. Who put her in charge anyway ?

  9. 日西ディエゴ says:

    We want more Brandon, he can represent the good human brand so well

  10. maddie vickery says:

    everyone: “i think the mole is already gone”
    when the mole was shown: “oh i knew it!!”

  11. Nick SINGH says:

    Sour patch kids are vegan ?
    Look up the ingredients

  12. Will Mitchell says:

    Erin: what’s your name
    Brandon: Brandon
    Erin: that’s not vegan

  13. Min Merve says:

    honestly, this time I’m happy the mole won. erin was so rude and immature it pissed me off.
    also brandon, you’re doing good sweetie!

  14. Queen Zey says:

    Damn, for a vegan she sure is grilling folks ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

  15. Rae ' says:

    The mole: is revealed

    Everyone: I knew it

    Them the entire time: attacking the wrong person

  16. Britney Okoro says:

    I also found it weird that Elizabeth genuinely thinks that vegans don’t wear makeup ?

  17. Allen Vang says:

    Erin: What soap do you use ?

    Brandon: …..

    Erin: THAT’S NOT VEGAN ! ?

  18. That Kidd kal says:

    Erin was very disrespectful and rude and I feel like she kept trying to grill Brandon ?

  19. Dora the Beanz says:

    Erin: do you like being happy?
    A person: yea
    Erin: that’s not vegan

  20. ohsuhoe says:

    Erin didn’t figure out who was the meat-eater was? That’s *not very vegan* of her

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