#6 WARRIORS at #3 KINGS | FULL GAME 7 HIGHLIGHTS | April 30, 2023

#6 WARRIORS at #3 KINGS | FULL GAME 7 HIGHLIGHTS | April 30, 2023

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Led by Stephen Curry’s playoff-career high 50 points, along with 8 rebounds, 6 assists and 7 3pt. FG, the No. 6 seed Golden State Warriors defeat the No. 3 seed Sacramento Kings in Game 7, 120-100. Andrew Wiggins added 17 points and 7 rebounds in the victory, while Domantas Sabonis tallied 22 points, 8 rebounds and 7 assists for the Kings. After closing out this best-of-seven series, 4-3, the Warriors now advance to the Western Conference Semifinals where they will face the Los Angeles Lakers. Game 1 will be played on Tuesday, May 2 (10:00 p.m. ET, TNT).

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28 Responses

  1. Mitchy says:

    Going down 0-2, then dropping a 50 in Game 7. That is just pure greatness

  2. A M says:

    Warriors always prove when it comes down to it they are on a different level, championship level. Respect to Sacramento kings, I don’t think anyone even counted them to get this far let alone make the play offs, made it to a 3rd seed. Amazing improvement in span of 1 season

    • Viva Europa says:

      Not really last year was their first real championship without facing an injured team or when they had KD making the first ever big 5 in the league.

  3. Maynard Bruce Cordero says:

    My dark horse this season was defeated by the defending champs. An absolute series this was between Golden State and Sacramento. May this not discourage the Kings but empower them to excel much more next season. As for the Warriors, may they keep up with the Lakers and have a wonderful semis.

  4. googlable123 says:

    Some of the plays Curry made tonight are definitely going into his mixtape when its all said and done. Masterful performance!

    • Viva Europa says:

      I’m a lakers fan and I agree he had like 5 crazy stumbling off balance shots that he made this game that will forever be remembered in his highlights.

  5. Pein- says:

    Never seen any other player that can shoot off dribble as good as this man and also the ability to relocate off a dribble hand off and shoot contested shots is crazy greatest shooter of all time!

  6. Evan L says:

    Steph just wasn’t going down without a fight. dropping 50 in a game 7 at age 35. and let’s give Looney credit for being an absolute beast on the boards. excited to see Steph vs LeBron. this could be the last time we see them against each other in the playoffs so let’s appreciate this moment.

  7. Kookies enkrem says:

    This is not even the full game but you can see how Steph Curry wants the win and how he just dominates this game. A 50-point masterclass, most points recorded in a Game 7. Insane. 👏

  8. Pxne says:

    Light the beam Kings fans, just one last time, you guys had a great year and proved them wrong by finally making it better! Thank you for ending my stress lol – Warriors fan

  9. Neil Rotoni says:

    Kings had a great season! nobody expected they were gonna be this good. Props to Mike Brown and his team.

    • Go Game says:

      ​@SPQR – Barnes still playing for the Warriors…. Oops… My bad… 😄😄😄

    • SPQR - says:

      @John Stubbsthey gotta get rid of Barnes tho. They’re one good wing away from being a championship contender IMO

    • John Stubbs says:

      Young team, they’re just getting started. They have the potential, talent, and coach to get to the next level…next time 😉

  10. RemakezVisuals says:

    Insane Performance by Steph Curry. 20 Points alone in the first half is already insane. Cant wait to see the Warriors vs Lakers.

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