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Led by Anthony Davis’s 25 points, 13 rebounds and 4 blocks, the No. 7 seed Los Angeles Lakers defeat the No. 6 seed Golden State Warriors in Game 3, 127-97. LeBron James (21 points, 8 rebounds, 8 assists) and D’Angelo Russell (21 points, 5 assists, 5 3pt. FG) added a combined 42 points in the victory, while Stephen Curry tallied 23 points, 4 rebounds and 4 3pt. FG for the Warriors. The Lakers lead the best-of-seven series, 2-1, with Game 4 taking place on Monday, May 8 (10:00 p.m. ET, TNT)
Since blocks were recorded in 1973-74, Anthony Davis becomes the 3rd Laker in franchise history to have multiple games of 25+ points, 10+ rebounds and 4+ blocks in a single postseason, joining
Shaquille O’Neal (7 times)
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (4 times

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44 Responses

  1. Rey Rios says:

    DLo single handedly gave them that confidence the Lakers needed right out the gate 💪 💪 💪

  2. Gatornationforlife2001 says:

    This Lakers team just gels so well together multiple guys can handle the ball, shoot, score, and most importantly defend. Still salty as a grizzlies fan about the loss but this Lakers team is built well and can give any team a run for their money

  3. Sheikh Davis says:

    I absolutely love the rotations that Darvin been drawing up as of late. An thank you Darvin for bringing in help from the bench. This team is strictly dangerous.

  4. Briyan Alvarez says:

    The Warriors felt the humiliation they gave Lakers in game 2, this series is insane!

    • Justin says:

      They drive into the paint far more often than the warriors who live outside the 3 point line. It’s obvious who will get more free throws based on style of play.

    • christian vaye says:

      the difference is the Lakers didn’t even try in game 2. besides Rui and LeBron in the first half the Lakers straight up sold that game. that’s why it’s so frustrating this team should be 7-0 in these playoffs if they just fcking show up every game. they are unbeatable when Bron AD and D’Lo are all good.

    • Yabski says:

      @Charlotte Stephens Ok boomer

  5. FromDaBottom Clothing LLC says:

    Lakers needs to play like this moving forward. You can’t let up on a team like the Warriors..

    • Derrick Harris says:

      @Fritz 2 Live don’t get me started on Kobe bro, hope he is at peace with the Lord, but the Lakers were a joke in Kobe’s last years and he had 2 finals mvp awards….most missed shots ever. Let LeBron had played with Shaq, now you talking. Kobe averaged 15 POINTS PER GAME in the finals vs Philadelphia. And yall Kobe fans want to mention Kobe with Jordan and LeBron. Please. Jordan most ppg all time in playoffs and regular season, 33ppg and 30 ppg. Kobe isn’t NEAR the top in either. LeBron is, Jordan the best, and Kobe most missed shots in NBA history and the most overrated. Shaq was a better Laker, Kobe was Robin bro. It’s nothing yall can say when I tell these FACTS💯

    • Big Mike says:

      @Fritz 2 Live um yea it would’ve Lmao

    • Fritz 2 Live says:

      Man imagine if Kobe playing. This shxt wouldn’t be fair

    • AJ Does Everything says:

      a team like the warriors who also won last year

  6. Mike Thomas says:

    The emotional high and lows of this game is amazing. After Game 1, sports commentators were ready to hand the Lakers the series. After Game 2, the same commentators were in awe of Stef and stated Lakers had no answer for GS small ball. After Game 3, everyone has jumped back on the Lakers train.

  7. Mac Mac says:

    Game 2, 27pts win by GSW
    Game 3, 30 pts win by LAL

    Damn.. Insane series!!! 😎

    • I Love America says:

      @Mico rope

    • Jèrõmè Jr.@Râlté says:

      Referee -How much ft you want us to call to advance the final.
      Lakers – Yess, for sure. .. Lebron got age day by day, so the officials started helping him from outside the court to win atleast 5 ring in his all career. If LeBron won 5 ring, he looked back his career and definitely should thanks to the NBA official referee, thanks

    • DJ Ajamu says:

      @BETS probably for the same reason people watch other scripted sporting events. For entertainment. It’s big time sports entertainment bro which generates lots of revenue from catchy narratives and extending series. These guys are trained professionals. I actually attended last nights game and am a Lakers fan. It was so damn obvious each team has the ability to turn it on and off whenever they want to bro. Not all games are completely rigged though. Sometimes they do let them play straight up. That’s how they keep fans believing that it’s 100% real.

    • BIG CHOPPO says:

      @uniquemonicablmfao. I’m guessing the refs put the ball in the hoop ? I’m guessing he was like “yo clay go shoot it up I got you”. And ima help gal rebound. Watch basketball. Rigged games are close fool

  8. Artwerk Geo says:

    This squad might be the best turn around team of all time!! We’re witnessing NBA history. They showed how dominant they can be against a team like the Warriors. Those 3’s aren’t enough. Lakers clearly dominate on both ends of the floor 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

    • Hotmeals OnWheels says:

      They dominate on both ends of the floor when they CAN. What I mean by that is that AD isn’t consistent enough game in and game out and Lebron is aging to the point that he is a defensive liability. Rui isn’t proven enough and again is still inconsistent as fuck. Thankfully the Lakers have the depth to make up to some extent for their inconsistencies and the age of the Lebron. Both the Warriors and the Lakers can very easily win another ring but the Lakers have far more depth and talent so I think it’ll be Lakers in 6. I just hope it’s Lakers vs Nuggets in WCF cause the Nuggets are nasty AF and Jokic definitely will want revenge for AD busting his ass in the bubble. Both this series and hopefully the WCF series I just brought up will be incredible to watch!

    • HumanScum says:

      @DanTheMan This Lakers team clearly has the talent to win it all, you have to be a hater to not see that unfortunately for you

    • DanTheMan says:

      @DaSupremeGentleLadI’m not downplaying anything. Y’all making it seem like this the 2015-2019 warriors is all I’m saying. I started watching the warriors like almost 15 years ago bruh. The Lakers are stacked too. Don’t forget that. Y’all have so many pieces on ur team but I think lebron too old and ad too inconsistent to go all the way.

  9. Felix Alfonso says:

    Lakers looking good tonight Russell was a monster on the court tonight we need him to have a great game on Monday to and we should take this series. Let’s go Lakers 👍

  10. Austrin Alick says:

    Lakers blowing the Warriors in response to the game 2 with all those 3s is so gratifying!❤

    • Will Johnwick says:

      @CL Daniels Michael Jordan has the highest usage rate and lebron is 5th alltime so that excuse don’t work for lebum bouta be first in alltime missed field goals also 🤣🤣

    • CL Daniels says:

      @Will Johnwick Who’s had the highest usage rate by far in the history of the NBA? It’s all the same answer, but context matters my guy..

    • Will Johnwick says:

      @J. Morris hey who’s the alltime turnover leader in the nba?

    • Andrew says:

      You sure you were watching basketball? 🤨

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