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Led by LeBron James’ 30 points (10-14 FG), 9 rebounds, and 9 assists, the Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Golden State Warriors in Game 6, 122-101. Anthony Davis added 17 points and 20 rebounds for the Lakers in the victory, while Stephen Curry led all scorers with 32 points, 6 rebounds, and 5 assists for the Warriors. After closing out this best-of-seven series, 4-2, the Lakers will advance to the Western Conference Finals where they will face the Denver Nuggets. Game 1 will take place on Tuesday, May 16 (ESPN, 8:30 p.m. ET).

LeBron James has now won 41 Playoff series in his career, passing Derek Fisher (40) for the most in NBA history.

The Lakers are now the second No. 7 seed in NBA history to make the Conference Finals, joining the 1986-1987 Seattle SuperSonics

This is the first time in NBA history that there has been a No. 8 seed and a No. 7 seed in the Conference Finals

LeBron James (38 years, 134 days) is the 5th player in NBA history to record a 30+ point Playoff game at age 38 or older, joining:
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (7 Times)
Karl Malone
Reggie Miller
Eddie Johnson

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50 Responses

  1. 🏈 4 Life says:

    this might just be the last time we ever see these two ever go at it. What a rivalry

    • Sac12 says:

      And lebron outplayed him as usual

    • Yaboiyikes says:

      Wackurry and the Worry’ers are completely eliminated from the playoffs and are headed to cancun to go fishing with Donshit, Cryrie and the Greek Brick

      – A defending chumps that struggled to beat the worst play-in team that only made the playoffs once more. Worthless!
      – A silence of moment for the Worry’ers, especially Stefishing Cancunurry. Just proof that he’s overrated and the greatest bricker of all
      – This is their last dance because they are no longer fine in the west and their era of superteam is over
      – No dynasty happened because there was no KD to carry Stecant Carry
      – No game 6 Klay showed up either. The Sflushtoilet brothers completely disappeared and only made their diehard bandwagons cry
      – Stephony Patheticurry’s fifth ring is already a blur and his finals mvp still remains at one. Somehow Klay can only count up to 4 rings
      – As for Donkeyman, he will just continue punching Poole until he learns to focus on the game instead of looking at the baddies. Here he will also pour out his anger for being consistent in being a triple single per game, getting turnovers and technical fouls, making bad plays and when he properly passed the ball to Phil Handy on the bench. He will never forget the pranks and shame he did

    • Grievous says:

      As a Warriors fan gg to all you Lakers and Lebron fans, it was great to see a renewed rivalry once again between Steph and Lebron and it brought back memories. Can’t win it all every year but the Warriors front office needs to get size and length on this team and Klay and Poole just don’t play like absolute trash next season plz. Good luck to all the the Lakers moving forward and all the fans. Yall had to hear it from the media early in the season and stuck through it so yall are real ones for that. Gg great series and hoping my Warriors respond with vengeance next season.

    • jaime says:

      @Jason u need help

    • Jars says:

      @Jason Cry kid Curmickey can’t handle pressure kid he ain’t nothing to LeGOAT!

  2. Tampakeños Dhagskee TV says:

    From 2wins and 10losses to start the Season, and now clinching The Western Conference FINALS what a turn around season from Purple and Gold 💛💜

    • Dude McGuybro says:

      My Cavs might be out, but I’ll always cheer for my man LeBron.

    • Ty E says:

      Credit to Rob pelinka they squad up Austin Reeves lookin like larry bird and davis lookin like Kareem and lebron looking like magic then Ryu n Dlo taking care of the rock get rebounds I didn’t think they would of been this good the threes coming in clean now

    • Bacteria43va says:


    • Drew Monroe says:

      Bron couldn’t never win unless he picked his players no doubt he’s a top player but still

  3. Jah Johnson says:

    Congrats to the Lakers. Playoff is where it really counts. They scrapped to get there, but they are showing they deserve to be where they are.

  4. Jacob Scott says:

    Austin reeves is not like anything I’ve ever imagined. But he sure kills it. 💪

    • Gilmore Boxing says:

      He went from undrafted to absolutely cooking it in the playoffs better than most top picks. This boy putting in the work


      It’s reaves

    • Johnny says:

      So at 3:56 Austin Reaves makes an amazing , buzzer beater halfcourt shot……Mark Jackson on the broadcast lauds him for TAKING THE SHOT and NOT worrying about his stats in case he misses it like players often do on those types of shots!!!!. Okay, instead of possibly making a 3 pointer for your team in the 6th game of a playoff series before halftime when the game is close, you’re gong to quash it and ‘keep those personal stats up”…I think Mark Jackson is starting to lose it. He doubled down on that idea at the start of the 3rd quarter when he brought it up again. Maybe in the regular season Mark, but dude realize the moment before you say something so stupid. Couple that with him admitting he totally fucked up his MVP ballot, and you gotta start to wonder about him.

    • nelson1.o says:

      @Johnny FR! Thankfully Van Gundy is there most of the time to bring him back to reality. I think they both balance each other well.

    • Johnny says:

      @nelson1.o What did Jeff Van Gundy say when Mark Jackson was finally fired from TNT?……”There goes that man”

  5. DevZ says:

    Not even a Lakers fan, but I see how much of an impact Austin Reeves is having now, good stuff dude

  6. Gaurav K Rathore says:

    I’m super impressed by Austin Reeves 😮 what a remarkable turnaround he did to himself???? The way he played this game HE WAS FEARLESS AND CONTRIBUTED SO BIG ALL AROUND!!!! So inspiring from someone undrafted to now playing this good at this level 👏 🙌

    • Gilmore Boxing says:

      He’s played better this playoffs than most top 10 picks. The Lakers environment has truly put him on another level.

    • Jay Johnson says:

      ​@Johnny I strongly disagree. And you totally missed mark point. As he is a former nba player with plenty of playoff experience. And also being a coach around the game for so long. These cats see and hear things. As you and I do every day at our jobs and being around family and friends. So this notion you are under is a false pretense. Now let’s get back to the game. Attempt the shot every time. Players practice this shot and situations at practice. Even still nba players some of them don’t want to risk the Stat line because it equals dollar signs. Miniscule stuff here I know but it is a thing. So no I don’t mind guys especially good shooters , shooting that shot every time at the half. Why not. It’s merely in essence no different from any shot Attempt on the court.

    • Johnny says:

      @Jay Johnson Jackson said he was happy and somewhat surprised Reaves shot the ball…OF COURSE he’s going to shoot the ball! Jackson was out in left field with the context of that shot. It’s the playoffs for god sake. Not the regular seasons Jackson was clueless. Imagine if the Lakers had lost that game by 2 points, but Reaves is happy because he didn’t make that shot attempt and his shooting percentage wasn’t affected. That is absurd.

  7. Jaris says:

    Went from
    “Not making the playoffs”..
    “Not making the Play-In”..
    “First round exit to Grizzlies”..
    “Not beating the Warriors”..
    To Western Conference Finals!😭😭😭🔥🔥🔥

    • Nostradamus says:

      Warriors fans went from “Warriors sweeps lakers” to “Warriors in 5” to “Warriors in 6” to “Warriors in 7” to Lakers gonna get destroyed by Nuggets 😂

    • Juls c says:

      Correct nuggets should embarrass them

    • Zachary Yamashita says:

      @Juls c Never underestimate the Lakers.

    • Angel Cadena says:

      @Nostradamus must sting to see more success from LBJ n the lakers huh. Maybe quit depending on 3s so much then it would’ve been closer or even a win for y’all. But that’s all y’all can do n once those 3s are hindered or Bricking ur not winning y’alls style has been exposed thoroughly

    • Xavier Vega says:

      @Juls c If Murray and MPJ bring their A-game, then yes the Nuggets should win. But both of them are inconsistent as hell. Joker can’t do it alone.

  8. Antonio Tucker says:

    Incredible victory by the Los Angeles Lakers knocking off the world champions and going to the Western conference finals kudos to darvin ham and the entire Los Angeles Lakers coaching staff for over-achieving this season amazing and absolutely outstanding basketball by the entire Laker team in this game congratulations Los Angeles Lakers 💯✔️👍🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀💯👍

  9. Derek Jackson says:

    That maverick comeback was the turning point in LAs season. You knew then they made good moves at the deadline

    • TOMMY GUNNZ Jr says:

      You hit it right on the head. Your correct!

    • Ronnie lister says:

      I forget the mavs game how many were they down??? What turned their season around was getting ready of Russ ….. For Lakers to win the chip AD needs more then 9 shots idk why they stop feeding him the ball and D’Angelo Russell needs to step up his scoring a lil more

    • Mohammed Hachem says:

      @Ronnie lister I think they were down 20+ or more and came back

    • Bryant Williams says:

      Yea they shot 40 Free Throws that game

    • zontwos says:

      @Bryant Williams they attack the paint, yes some calls are soft but cmon it’s not hard to get. if you attack more you’re gonna get more fts

  10. Jesse Ritchie says:

    I’m really loving how the Lakers, and as well as the Heat have been doing. What a season in general.

    • AJ Ye says:

      Heat and Laker’s conference finals run negates the “LeMickey” & “Fraud Miami” 2020 finals narrative.

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