6-year-old boy among victims in California food festival shooting

6-year-old boy among victims in California food festival shooting

The Santa Clara Valley Medical Center in San Jose is treating six of the people hurt in the Gilroy Garlic Festival shooting Sunday night. Four people died, including the gunman, and at least 15 people were injured. Janet Shamlian reports.

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57 Responses

  1. yayad1nonly says:

    Poor baby, you sweet angel. RIP. Prayers to the other victims still fighting for their lives.

  2. Brian The Magic Minion says:

    I hope Bendy, Boris, and Alice Angel pay a tribute to that poor kid. ?

  3. Clevanna Billy says:

    So unfortunate my prays are with the family ????

  4. Bee Youtiful says:

    Who tf shoots a child???? Blows my mind. May his family find peace ?

  5. Dr.Maverick says:

    Very sad and heartbreaking RIP Steven, You deserved a long and peaceful life..

  6. Category Cats food says:

    R.I.P Steven Steve mate you might not know me but I pray for ya I pray for ya❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. Olivia H says:

    Oh no!!!! This is super sad!!!
    I like Bendy and The Ink Machine just like Steven! 🙁

  8. Yaboi Dawg says:

    Rest In Peace Steven ? he was just a little boy who liked bendy ???

  9. Lps Voodoo_Doll says:

    Poor baby?He was taken wayyyyy to soon??R.i.p Steven?

  10. c2bienaime says:

    RIP Steven.. you are a innocent boy that is a kind soul. This is very upsetting to see an innocent kid die in those shootings. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family.

  11. Jammes T. says:

    Oh my goodness how you shoot at a baby? Praters to his family.

  12. Jenna King says:

    Imagine being the one who has to tell this mother her son is dead. My heart goes out to the the family may he RIP.

  13. TheDoge Pro101 says:

    Rest In Peace. This young boy liked Bendy And The Ink Machine. It is sad that any person can end anybody’s life. The fact that Steven was only 6 years old makes it even more sad and it just angers me. As a fellow BATIM fan, I say that they should maybe pay tribute to him.

    • Kashtoon says:

      I already made a tweet and tagged the devs as well

    • Kashtoon says:

      @Connor Emmons very good point. I was made aware of this because of one of my friends on Twitter bringing it to my attention. What occured is horrible enough. Breaks my heart to also know he was a fan of the game but the most important thing to remember is that he was a child who was killed by a heartless being. Being a bendy fan just made it all the more personal for me, any ways

    • weeping willows says:

      I already made something to him on my tumbler.

    • SonicS13 says:

      If we’re being realistic, they’re not going to pay tribute to him. I doubt they even know who he is.
      I mean they probably are going to find out soon, because so many people are flocking to TheMeatly’s DMS.

      But anyways

      R.I.P Steven

    • Fazbear Fright Fan says:

      I love how people are yelling at people because they mention Bendy.

  14. march43 says:

    Rest well Steven, I’m glad you liked my favorite game.

  15. Andrew Rose says:

    For all those of you who choose this moment to attack each other, call names, politicize this tragedy, please take a step back and remember your humanity and start treating each other accordingly.

  16. JM 69 says:

    That kid only made it to kindergarten, and somebody has to take his life

    • tvbox account says:

      @Donovan Fox from their channel i can tell they’re under 30, gay, and into cosplay.

    • Citavalo says:

      Dylan N They were just talking about another heart-breaking shooting and the poor victims of it. Why are you trying to make that a bad thing?

    • Green Mango says:

      @Dylan N If you care so much then go mourn for them or something. We can’t all go to every missing child or kid who was murdered and say our condolences.

  17. Josh Soto says:

    People truly have no limits and it’s disgusting

    R.I.P steven❤

    • InfiniteLoop says:

      @Juno Donat The only person making sense in this thread

    • Juno Donat says:


      Another example, human beings flew themselves into buildings because Allah approved of such actions….and that was “real” for them. So, you see, that someone else’s baseless reality has a way of imposing itself upon YOUR life.

    • Juno Donat says:

      And this is why ridiculous beliefs should be challenged.

  18. Kratuiz harbinger says:

    This kid liked bendy and the ink machine?
    Prayers for the kid!
    Rip Steven
    You will be remembered

  19. Silver Addie Fun Pack says:

    He was a happy child, who loved Bendy and the Ink Machine, living a good life. He didn’t deserve it at all. People are sick.

  20. Nintenbro ._. says:

    It’s very sad what happened to Steven. I hope his family is ok.

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