60 Minutes preview: Donald Trump

60 Minutes preview: Donald Trump

In his first interview after the election, Donald Trump tells CBS News’ Leslie Stahl, “there could be some fencing,” along the U.S. border with Mexico.

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20 Responses

  1. Sam Ross says:

    Praise Kek! President Donald J Trump! It’s finally a reality!

  2. Jayz Gucci says:


  3. Mena says:

    Does someone know what the basque population of USA voted?

  4. Jonathan says:

    Man this is calming me down so much. I hope Trump keeps up with the good
    ideas. I’ve been literally scared of what he might do. But I’m feeling a
    lot more sure with him.

  5. Jon Kingless says:

    Good morning “I’m John Dickerson”

  6. Miguel De Zayas says:

    God bless you, Mr. president! good job!

  7. Uchechukwu Nwauwa says:

    What important questions would you ask Donald Trump about his presidency?

  8. MrRobynLover says:

    the borders dont need securing from latin americans it needs protecting
    from Islamists and radical preachers of islam

  9. joe Rios says:

    how about Muslims that don’t follow our law

  10. Minsik Lee says:

    Trump Saying ‘Illegal immigrations go home!’. NOT a ‘Immigrations go
    home!’. My uncle is Korean American. He is 13years working for
    Citizenship in the United States. He passed the rigorous screening and came
    to the United States legally. He is Working Hardly. Of course always paying
    taxes. After a hard time, he was successful. He is American!!! And Liberals
    and Democrats Saying ‘Illegal immigrations~! We’ll give you permanent
    residency~! :)’ like this. Of course my Uncle is very angry. Now he is a
    Trump supporter. After the election….my uncle is very happy.

  11. Sarah Vivian says:

    The younger people only vote on the candidates by their personality because
    they don’t know anything about politics. They also vote just because they
    see many clickbait ads on fecesbook. I’m not one of those, so I voted Trump
    <3 Trump was the only one talking about the issues we face today such as
    the illegals that pour across our border with drugs and crime.

  12. Joe Truth says:

    We don’t need a wall. All Trump has to do is heavily fine any employers
    who are employing illegals and force them to replace all the illegals with
    legal workers. Also all money being sent to Mexico through money services
    be taxed by 50%. These two things alone will make illegals leave. Also only
    allow welfare and food stamps for legal Americans. No free health insurance
    for illegals. No sanctuary cities.

  13. Mississippi Woman says:

    The questions were negative, but Trump and his family brilliantly pivoted
    their responses to to be positive. Trump must stay true to the majority of
    his campaign promises.

  14. katyrebel18 says:

    He used the racists to get in office. #Damnshame

  15. Yomo Kontabi says:


  16. Donald Trump 2016 says:

    All I’m seeing is “wow is trump was like this I would have voted for
    him”…and I’m like “really nigga…..HE WAS LIKE THIS” everyone falling
    for media lies

  17. Anime Bro says:

    pretty smart getting the illegal criminals deported

  18. TheGarfieldxx30000 says:

    Why people voted him won? People really really dumb!!!!

  19. Blake Davis says:


  20. DJ. Khaled says:

    I’m Muslim who voted for Donald J. Trump, we came here legally, we need to
    kick out illegals who came to my country illegally bringing drugs and we
    must not let Syrians in my country because ISIS can infiltrate