65th GRAMMY Awards Premiere Ceremony

65th GRAMMY Awards Premiere Ceremony

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29 Responses

  1. Kathryn Howell says:

    If you are looking for specific awards:
    Best Compilation Soundtrack For Visual Media Album- 17:28
    Best Score Soundtrack For Visual Media- 19:44
    Best Score Soundtrack For Video Games And Other Interactive Visual Media- 22:19
    Best Dance/Electronic- 25:57
    Best Remixed Recording, Non Classical- 27:07
    Best Engineered Album, Non Classical- 28:32
    Best Immersive Audio Album- 30:40
    Best Instrumental Composition- 32:55
    Best Arrangement Instrumental or Acapella- 34:43
    Best Arrangements Instruments and Vocals- 36:52
    Best Neg Age, Ambiant or Chant Album- 39:11
    Best Improvised Jazz Solo- 47:50
    Best Jazz Vocal Album- 48:36
    Best Jazz Instrumental Album- 50:29
    Best Large Jazz Ensemble Album- 53:18
    Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album- 56:00
    Best Children’s Music Album-56:43
    Best Audiobook Narration, and Storytelling recording- 59:34
    Best R&B Performance- 1:02:51
    Best Traditional R&B Performance- 1:03:56
    Best Progressive R&B Album- 1:04:55
    Best R&B Album- 1:05:53
    Best Rap Performance- 1:08:26
    Best Melodic Rap Performance- 1:09:30
    Best Rap Song- 1:11:30
    Best Rock Performance- 1:12:58
    Best Metal Performance- 1:15:45
    Best Rock Song- 1:17:16
    Best Rock Album- 1:19:15
    Best Alternative Music Performance- 1:20:49
    Best Alternative Music Album- 1:23:09
    Best Reggae Album- 1:31:15
    Best Global Music Performance- 1:33:59
    Best Global Music Album- 1:36:42
    Best Latin Pop Album- 1:38:40
    Best Latin Rock or Alternative Album- 1:40:59
    Best Regional Mexican Music Album- 1:42:00
    Best Recording Package- 1:43:03
    Best Boxed/Limted Editon Package- 1:44:23
    Best Album Notes- 1:46:56
    Best Historical Album- 1:48:38
    Best Country Solo Performance- 1:52:05
    Best Country Perfomance by group- 1:53:03
    Best Country Song- 1:55:34
    Best Bluegrass Album- 1:57:19
    Best Traditional Blues Album- 1:58:22
    Best Contemporary Blues Album- 1:59:34
    Best Regional Roots Music Album- 2:02:43
    Best Gospel Performance/Song- 2:05:29
    Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song- 2:07:32
    Best Gospel Album- 2:09:38
    Best Contemporary Christian Music Album- 2:11:18
    Best Roots Gospel Album- 2:12:44
    Best Orchestral Performance- 2:23:33
    Best Opera Recording- 2:25:49
    Best Choral Performance- 2:27:58
    Best Chamber Music/Small Ensemble Performance- 2:28:58
    Best Classical Instrumental Solo- 2:31:00
    Best Classical Solo Vocal Album- 2:33:20
    Best Classical Compendium Album- 2:34:20
    Best Contemporary Classical Composition- 2:37:14
    Best Engineered Album, Classical- 2:39:00
    Producer of the Year, Classical- 2:41:23
    Best Contemporary Instrumental Album- 2:48:48
    Best Latin Jazz Album- 2:51:21
    Best Tropical Latin Album- 2:54:09
    Best American Roots Performance- 2:55:09
    Best Americana Performance- 2:57:10
    Best American Roots Song- 2:59:47
    Best Americana Album- 3:01:29
    Best Spoken Word Poetry Album- 3:04:06
    Best Folk Album- 3:08:40
    Best Comedy Album- 3:10:35
    Best Musical Theatre Album- 3:11:11
    Best Song Written For Visual Media- 3:13:30
    Best Music Video 3:14:33 🧣
    Best Music Film- 3:16:06
    Songwriter of The Year, Non Classical- 3:18:32
    Producer of the Year, Non Classical- 3:20:31

  2. Emma Planas says:

    AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Not only is this a wonderful win for Molly and her band, but my favorite jazz duo is also presenting her the award. This is just wonderful! 😱😱😃😃😃

  3. Agatha Victorious says:

    Music is life, music is our future, music is our culture, music is legacy, music is therapeutic, music is everything 💯

  4. Jonas Santiago says:

    Obrigado por publicar completo estava ansioso para assistir. Musica é vida, musica é arte!

  5. Bárbara T says:

    ¡Viva México! 🇲🇽 que emoción, que orgullo.

  6. Ken Sherman says:

    I wish everyone get this message. Especially the part when she says, _when we take care of each other, we can actually make the 🌎🌍 🌏 a better place._

  7. a2z4444 says:

    Samera Joy was class act. How is it possible that she hit notes that are in between dimensions

  8. Evie Lumsden says:

    The Recording Academy should consider creating an Afrobeats category separate from the Global music category. Like Reggae, Afrobeats is here to stay! Africa also has so many amazing genres that deserve to be highlighted on this large scale. An Afrobeats genre would make that possible!!

  9. HarborHobo says:

    Congratulations to Molly Tuttle. She truly is an incredibly talented musician.

  10. Mercedes Juarez says:

    Agradezco a estos videos ya que no pude ver los Grammys y estos videos me informaron un poco sobre lo que paso .

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