7.1 magnitude earthquake shakes Southern California

7.1 magnitude earthquake shakes Southern California

A 7.1-magnitude earthquake swayed buildings and cracked foundations in Southern California, marking the second one near Ridgecrest in less than two days.

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  1. Mooselippz says:

    Wait until it breaks open the Yellow Stone Volcano……..

    • Imonous says:

      Pollux95630 Umm, you do know that fault lines are interconnected and travel all around the world right? Yellowstone being over 1000 miles away is nothing. Thanks for proving that you have no idea what you’re talking about, Mr. YouTube Professor.

    • Imonous says:

      Compassionate Vegan Oh hey another YouTube Professor that doesn’t realize that fault lines travel WELL over 1000 miles. Sounds like a big number right? Goes to show how small we are in this planet.

    • RVM Lance says:

      @fred head huh?

    • RVM Lance says:

      @Jimmy Lara what does He have to do with it?

    • Jimmy Lara says:

      @RVM Lance ?

  2. Butters Flynn says:

    Anyone else worried these are all just pre cursors to the Big one?

    • Rai says:

      @Dunshay Randall …Are you a trump supporter

      It’s just what you said didnt make any sense, and that tends to be the reason why

    • Rai says:

      @Ursus Americanus The ash cloud would swept up into the atmosphere would trigger another ice age.

    • Loco Busters says:

      @Aaron or brings up an island that was under the golf coast

    • PSW1980 X says:

      Ursus Americanus not really remember the vulcano in Iceland that erupted ,think atleast 5 time bigger Pompeo type vulcano thats dormant but would get triggered by the Earthquakes how many powerplants couldnt be cooled meaning massive radiation fall outs…..little wind and guess what world wide disaster not even mentioning the ash that would block out the sun on most the earth.planes couldnt fly….no that wouldnt be good for the rest of the world.

    • Rai says:

      @Nicholas Abbott Recent estimates have never said it was close to blowing up though. Not on it’s own, anyway. Saying it’s close to blowing up is like saying that about the sun. We still have many, many more years to go.

  3. Angel says:

    Everyone in the world, not just CALI people should always have an earthquake plan, and a fire plan, and if you are near the ocean, a tsunami plan. Please stay safe. Always have a backpack just with some basic things if something major and life altering comes your way.

    • hooterville2 says:

      @canadianperspective until Trudeau arrests you for wrong think.

    • Miss Lee says:

      Never felt one, I’m in Georgia

    • a42nut1inct says:

      good advice but from experiencing earthquakes, they should get out of there now! but being able to react before the 7.1 never gonna happen. a tsunami as well sorry to say

    • Koco Sassa says:

      Forget about packing basics…in Cali experts suggest to have an emergency supply of water and food. Don’t let ur gas gauge fall below 1/2 and keep some cash on hand.

    • terry bigler says:

      it doesn’t really matter to the government workers as they are allin idaho

  4. MR.Yong_botyt says:

    ps4 your comeing whit me for the next few days

  5. Edward Davis says:

    Follow Dutchsinse, he’s been accurate with his charts.He should be getting credit for his work.

    • California Caleb says:

      My mom watches him all the time, she even bought his merch.

    • fred head says:


    • Fuzzy Navel says:

      Hes not that accurate. He should also get credit for the ones that don’t happen, the ones he thinks happened that didn’t, and all the conspiracies he thinks are happening.

    • Freda Langston says:

      To be forewarned is to be forearmed, that is what Dutch is about. Be prepared! Do you stop watching the weather forecast for your area just because it doesn’t rain! That’s what forecasting means!

  6. Gloria Torres says:

    Two earthquakes in one week and no peep from our great leader. No money there for him.

    • James m says:

      Fall into the ocean California ?

    • Michael Paceley says:

      Just go to your sanctuary cities and you’ll all be safe..I hope God destroys California!

    • Milk Carton says:

      Do you want people to get scared? Do you want them to start panic buying? Looting? Everything else is prepared that’s why we always gets the movies preparing us for these catastrophic events.

    • John Lyons says:

      @Kat 77 ah, a civil person, if Trump brings peace to the world, then yes, that is an end times sign. The other choice is socialism, result, end of sovern nation. Or third choice, moslims overrun USA, also end of life as we know. With the beheadings of us infidels and all that. So I pray Trump is a man of his word. So far so good?

    • Mind Crimes says:

      Gloria Torres If he said anything! You would use it against him. cnn never reports good things. Only doom,gloom and biden. If you’d stop listening to this crap you might find the good things.

  7. Taro Wilson says:

    We had a earthquake in Humboldt county a few weeks ago 5.6 and nobody talk about it, and we r so close from the Mendocino triple point, that it’s scary, we need to be prepared for something like this. God bless everyone.

    • M Dugger says:

      Well! There will be wars and rumors of wars. Earth quakes in divers(different places). The Bible. Earthquakes in places that never had them. Oh! And don’t forget. It is written the world this time will be destroyed by fire. Heat wave in Alaska right now. In other places over 100 like Franc was 114 couple days ago. Or does it mean WW3 and nukes dropped by many countries America included, frying everything. Well! Cockroaches will survive. Prophesy is being full filled right in front of us.

    • terry bigler says:

      it’s along the coasts that this is gonna happen, this is just a warm up . when it comes it will be a 9.5 or a 10,happened on 1908,but when the techtonic plates correct themselves the tsunami will come about 70miles inland,and the coastwill be gone all the way to vancouver at that point you can expect about 15 million dead

    • Scubagolf007 says:

      Every 0.2 increment on the Richter Scale DOUBLES the energy let loose in the quake. I’ve been in a half dozen 5.0+ quakes. The 7.1 quake is about 177 times stronger in energy released than a 5.6 quake.


    I just went thru a 6.6 in costa rica – Very Impressive. Scared my dog – and me too. Glad my new cabina home has lots of rebar.

  9. John Garino says:

    Prayers for all in harm’s way. I’d be afraid to live there. Saving your life is by far the main thing but you can lose all you have worked for. God Bless

  10. OL&DE says:

    The main thing that there were no victims. Kindness and peace to you. out of russia

  11. Najah Mitchell says:

    My building was swaying and I was freaking out. I live on the tenth floor of a building and I felt the aftershocks kept me awake

    • Manuela Costa Lima says:

      Najah Mitchell —
      Hope you’re okay. Sending you good vibes from where earthquakes haven’t yet hit.

  12. Carmi prieto says:

    Damn yesterday it shaked Nevada ???we felt it

  13. Jessica Sanna says:


  14. iShyne says:

    My chair started moving first thought someone is moving my chair then I thought i was going crazy or drunk finally realized it was an earthquake

  15. James R. Means says:

    Was at a stoplight, in West Los Angeles, when vehicle started rocking like someone continuously pumping the brakes… Traffic lights and telephone pole wires shaking… Lasted about 20 – 30 seconds…

  16. Lord Vader says:

    If a hideous earthquake happens, dont abandon your pets!

  17. grodhagen says:

    This seismologist is informative and straightforward. We need more experts like her on TV.

  18. Clinton Pough says:

    If Arnold Schwarzenegger was still governor of California he would be saying, “Get Out, Get Down” !

  19. Kurt Suffoletto says:

    26+ thousand years of power? We need some earthquake technology to power us!

    Stay safe Californians.

  20. aaron romero says:

    California is in the ring of fire, therefore the earthquakes.

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