7 Brilliant Cleaning Hacks You NEED To Try

7 Brilliant Cleaning Hacks You NEED To Try

We’ve put together 7 amazing ways to clean just about anything you can think of! Is your grill a disaster? Bathtub a mess? What about food stains or greasy build up? Give these tips and tricks a try! Check Out Clorox Triple Action Dust Wipes: http://bit.ly/1Xxp4wj
Thanks to Clorox for supporting our content and helping us #UnleashthePower

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20 Responses

  1. Simon Palacio says:

    What happened to Traveler

  2. Sammultilol says:

    Jacob Satorius is mad that Clorox is now sponsoring HHH

  3. Christian Schadewald says:

    R.I.P. Devil

  4. Renz De Leon says:

    you sound like Ryan Reynolds aka d pool

  5. RonRay says:

    I’ve considered the brush on the drill routine, but that exposed nut & bolt
    is going to leave some nasty metal marks on the white porcelain! If you can
    find a real deep brush, preferably wood, counter-sinking the bolt will keep
    that metal away from the porcelain!

  6. MrSparklyStuff says:

    Summer is almost here? It’s literally 115 degrees here.

  7. GuineaPigMan says:


  8. wizardcraft671 says:

    We’re I’m from our grills do not rust or get left in the storage as we bbq
    all the time

  9. anonymous user says:

    no reason for me to sub if you have corporations paying you off. Time for
    me to get off this train.

  10. HUMZA SHEIKH says:

    Audible wasn’t paying him enough, so he moved onto clorox

  11. Thomas Nicholson says:


  12. The Viral Gorilla says:

    My son was watching your video with me and noticed that you have a
    ps4………he suddenly piped up and wanted me to ask you to send him a
    friend request…….his gamer tags are killyagooder062 and
    native-ninja642………..thanx for considering

  13. Pilot Yaboo says:

    2:10 kazoo solo

  14. Brittni Patterson says:

    A magic eraser will work great for a tub and shoes

  15. Maliha Intikhab says:

    I always use fuzzy old socks for dusting. just put them on my hand and
    there ya go?

  16. emorey cornet says:

    Instructions were unclear, got dick stuck in the ceiling

  17. Dig er says:


  18. spacechicken says:

    That first one was grate

  19. Jesse Sisolack says:

    Do not purchase the over priced “Nail polish remover.” Instead get acetone
    from the hardware store. It is exactly the same thing. I do not mean it
    works the same. I mean it is literally exactly the same stuff.

  20. Chris Jakubowski says:

    So exactly how is going to a store and buying a brand name cleaning product
    a “household hack”? Is your next video going to be amazing stain busting
    tips, and all you need is a brand new maytag and a box of tide?