7 Days in Hell: Trailer (HBO)

7 Days in Hell: Trailer (HBO)

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7 Days in Hell premieres July 11 on HBO.

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20 Responses

  1. Mujid Khan says:

    I thought this was a documentary until 0:30…

    shows you how much I know/care about tennis.

  2. ponchomkr says:

    Murderer! XD (2:01)

  3. Darren Chow says:

    At first I thought this was real due to all the celebrity tennis stars in
    it…then i realized when Serena said reverse blindside xD
    I can’t wait for this to come out!

  4. Sandpaper Snail says:

    Kit Harington clean-shaven is making me question things.
    He seriously looks like a girl I used to date.

  5. Eric Lee says:

    wait this was 7 days?

  6. Bill Nye says:

    I’m a huge tennis player so this is freakin hilarious 

  7. Lexi Love says:

    I will see this for Kit Harrington, cause I miss him on Game of Thrones
    already. But it reminds me of that Will Ferrel movie Blades of Glory for
    ice skating or Tallegeda nights for Nascar only its Andy Samberg doing
    Tennis instead

  8. Zach P. says:

    Great, Charles has the same last name as me. Can’t wait for the jokes

  9. MariaPompeo says:

    I was so into it…then Lena Dunham popped up. WHYYYYYYY!!

  10. Mike Dickinson says:

    This looks f**king hilarious.

    This 45-minute comedy special brings together Andy Samberg and Kit
    Harington for a star-studded look at big-time tennis. The outrageous sports
    documentary takes a look back at a pair of fictional players from the
    not-too-distant past — Aaron Williams (Samberg) and Charles Poole
    (Harington) — who played a match to end all tennis matches: a seven-day,
    five-set marathon that took everything, literally, out of the two.
    In addition to highlights (and lowlights) from the match, ‘7 Days in Hell’
    looks back at the lives and careers of Williams, a hyper-malcontent, and
    Poole, a dim-witted prodigy who carried England’s hopes for a tennis
    champion on his shoulders.

  11. chitownballer696 says:

    Uhhhh god why did they have to cast Lena Dunham? I was actually really
    enjoying the trailer and then they had to bring her in, instant buzz kill.

    • GenericCoyote says:

      I can understand the dislike! Thanks for filling me in

    • chitownballer696 says:

      Honestly it would take weeks to explain why Dunham is a despicable human
      being. But to sum it up, she’s basically a spoiled, hypocritical, radical,
      racist, man hating feminist who publicly admitted to molesting her little
      sister, and yet received no punishment because all her fellow privileged
      feminists came rushing to her defense. Literally her entire agenda is man
      bashing and accusing every guy who doesn’t agree with her of sexism all the
      while heavily promoting the, “privileged white woman” as the only
      demographic that matters in this country. To put it simply, she’s a total
      cunt. Lol

    • okaymckay says:

      Jeez I always get this woman mistaken with Lena Headey

    • GenericCoyote says:

      +chitownballer696 Just out of interest why does everyone dislike Lena
      Dunham? I don’t know who it is just wondering

  12. flexorder says:

    Either really good or truly awful

  13. Craig Froehle says:

    Ok, this looks like it might be pretty funny.