7 Days In Thailand | Swimming With Elephants, Food Tour, Island Hopping and MORE…

7 Days In Thailand | Swimming With Elephants, Food Tour, Island Hopping and MORE…

Traveling to Thailand for 7 Days | EXPLORE with


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26 Responses

  1. De'arra Taylor says:

    Literally one of my TOP favorite countries I visited 😍✨🇹🇭

  2. Nicaila TV says:

    I love that you are so open to trying as much and as many different kinds of food as you can. That’s the spirit when traveling. Embrace the culture ❤

  3. SmileForJos says:

    That edit where D opened the door and it ended up showing us the restaurant. Nice transition 😍🔥🔥

  4. Life With LeJia says:

    If GROWN WOMAN ENERGY was a person,it would definitely be D!!!✨✨✨

  5. Latrese Stegall says:

    Her covering y’all up is the highlight 😭😭😂

    Side note: I get full watching you eat

  6. aasha S says:

    That McDonald’s chicken looks bomb! Take notes Popeyes that’s how chicken should be moist and flavorful not dry and salty

  7. angela Jackson says:

    Dearra is giving straight good vibes. Love every thing about Dearra literally everything. 💘🫶🏽❤️

  8. Jalisha says:

    Omg the vibes and the traveling JUS TO EAT omg this is life I’m so inspired.

  9. Courtney B says:

    De’arra makes me wanna live my life to the fullest more than ever! I love her energy!! Literally the epitome of minding your business brings peace & happiness🤩 you can really tell how much she enjoys life✨

  10. Zharia Selayna says:

    This is the definition of LIVING LIFE IN LUXURY ! & im here for it ALL 💓

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