7 Egg Gadgets put to the Test – Part 4

7 Egg Gadgets put to the Test – Part 4

Blast Off Windshield De-Icer – https://youtu.be/Q0AhkmGai10

4 Snow Gadgets That’ll Help You Dig Yourself – https://youtu.be/E13UM9Stgpg

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58 Responses

  1. Knight Slasher says:

    *HowToBasic wants to know your location*

  2. _Bob McCoy says:

    *Egg-cellent video!*

  3. ThisIsLotso says:

    This man gets robbed by HowToBasic a lot!

  4. Angel Swift says:

    *EGGcellent* video!

  5. J T.V says:

    I love your videos Taras! They are really cool

  6. Alex Dumitru says:


  7. Savage Teddy Bear says:

    I Made an egg after I watched the video lol

  8. Tech Breeder says:

    Awesome. Always enjoy your hacks. Keep it rolling… ?

  9. leimak says:

    So much useless plastic. Just peel it with your hands. This is what causes the plastic soup in our oceans because these seem fun but after a couple of times people throw it away because in the end everybody just uses their fingers.

  10. xxxtankstation says:

    I like these gadjicks.

  11. Kumikeijo 62 says:

    am i the only one who is hearing “devil eggs”

  12. Short Funny Vids says:

    *spills a bunch of egg whites all over the table from cracking the egg*
    Taras-“wow look at how perfectly it cracks the egg without spilling any egg at all”??

  13. LightBadger6005 / says:

    I’m surprised he used the term back in the day. ???

  14. Tongue Less says:

    Guess what? We now will gather “guess what” compilation ?

  15. Steve says:

    Taras and his vocabulary doe ?
    Deviled egg=boiled egg

  16. Repix says:

    Why u always shaking ?

  17. 10,000 Subscribers With No Videos Challenge says:

    2:45 *That’s actually really cool!*

  18. John Control says:

    Who else watching this, instead of studying?

  19. IKY 786 says:

    2:19 This is about how i like my eggs to be coocked.Taras is klassic

  20. Trini4th says:

    Yea I Eggspected to see some Cool gadjicks in this video

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