7 Historical MYTHS You Still Believe!

7 Historical MYTHS You Still Believe!

Today I reveal MYTHS about George Washington, Napoleon, Thomas Edison, Vikings, Columbus & MORE!
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20 Responses

  1. Ben Johnson says:

    I didn’t expect such a bad video from Matt, I’m sure more people than just
    me already knew all of this.

  2. fuad janjua says:

    Tomas did invent the lightbulb. The thing the other guy made was a lamp
    which was a fire hazard. Also he sent people to find the filigment

  3. Chewy says:

    Or we can watch all your videos on YouTube

  4. Elizabeth Sear says:

    The quality of this video is so good I might actually go blind

  5. Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell says:

    You repeated the same things as many other youtubers and click bait
    websites have been doing lately. Everybody knows most of this…

  6. Brodot says:

    I’m pretty sure everyone now a days knows Vikings didn’t have horned
    helmet. So don’t call it facts you didn’t know when most of us know them

  7. Pika Pika Chu says:

    America was not a nation at the time, after the declaration, it was, and
    Washington came right then

  8. Isaac the thing says:

    Jesus lived……

  9. Jens Petter Lund says:

    Only reason napoleon was believed to be short was because the french feet
    was longer than the british feet. he was 1.68 meters tall, and that was
    pretty normal at the time

  10. Cloud Nine says:

    i mean there is always those people that say *OH I MEAN WHAT IDIOT DIDNT
    KNOW THESE* lol all schools arent the same. you dont learn american history
    in depth in other countries so stop being a little shit.

  11. Crimson says:


  12. Gustbk1 says:

    Well Matt, if you’re gonna talk about polemic inventors, you should’ve
    mentioned that the brazilian Santos Dummond was tecnically the one who
    invented the first airplane. NOT the Wright brothers.

  13. EliteGreyGhost says:

    Matt said in a video made in June that he will change his name if he made
    it to 5,000,000 subs I remember the video was rich people who gave it all

  14. Trapper Gillespie says:

    Do you ever do give aways

  15. Arstellum says:

    5:53 You don’t say

  16. Harold Magadan says:

    So… saitama has a youtube channel now… lmaokai

  17. Lord Blasman says:

    The only one I didn’t know was the 4th of July one, i feel so smart

  18. グラーゼィ says:

    The guy who was executed because he refused to stand trial for witchcraft,
    not because he was found guilty of being a witch.

  19. Nhan Vo says:

    7 MYTHS You Still Believe about Technology

  20. Joel Verrier says:

    you need to start using vessel!