7 MYTHS You Still Believe Aboot Canada

7 MYTHS You Still Believe Aboot Canada

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Written/Edited by: Matthew Santoro, Jim Vaylin, Brock Sumner

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20 Responses

  1. Survivor Studios says:

    I was riding my polar bear today from my igloo to school. Fluffy my polar
    bear eat my penguin . It was sad. Eh? Then I eat my pancakes and drink my
    maple surprise and I call the Mounties. They said it was against the queens
    laws to waist time,so I said sorry and they said sorry back and I went to

  2. Christine Jane says:

    Thanks for telling me ”aboot” facts about Canada. :D

  3. Delyle Polet says:

    “Her Majesty the Queen the second”

  4. TheFaltyPick says:

    The fact about the queen is exactly like Britain

  5. Jesus Ibarra says:


  6. Brenden “Billybob” Spanbauer says:

    Yeah American, guns, bear, rasism, mcdonalds, swearing, fuck ya

  7. Charmizard123 says:

    Thanks for telling me more *aboot* Canada

  8. Rowa Gosl says:

    Man I love my country and that we don’t live in igloos

  9. Kahelemauna Medeiros says:

    thanks for making me smarter.Could you make a video of 40 cultural facts
    about Canada.You could call the new series 40 cultural facts about a nation

  10. Gmaergirl Whales123 says:

    Im so mad aboot Americans saying that we say aboot not aboot

  11. Mitch Grobowsky says:

    7 Myths You Still Believe About Murica

  12. Prime Ammoknight says:

    Dog sleds are fun, anybody else who went on one will agree.

  13. Reshtreg says:

    Atleast you dont have a trump.

  14. jraven avant says:

    can you please give me a shout out i already subscribed

  15. ZinkLentive XHD says:

    8 Myths 1. Nicole is Satan and cancer to Canada

  16. Shyam Gandhi says:

    His forehead is brighter than my future.

  17. HempAle Papi says:

    Virginian by birth but Quebecois by heart!!

  18. Nate Daley says:


  19. Michael Daniel says:

    ~Sigh~ I wish I lived in Canada. ?

  20. Ashton Montague says:

    i never believed any of these …. because im canadian