7 MYTHS You Still Believe About FACIAL HAIR!

7 MYTHS You Still Believe About FACIAL HAIR!

Women find beards UNATTRACTIVE!? Beards make your face COOLER in the summer!? Today I bust these and more of the biggest MYTHS you were ever told about FACIAL HAIR!
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Written/Edited by: Matthew Santoro, Jim Vaylin, Brock Sumner

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20 Responses

  1. Homo “Shanaynay” Erectus says:

    Unkept beards are scary asf and idgaf if some hot asf guy has his beard

  2. God says:

    hey great videos man. I thoroughly enjoy the majority of your videos. Sorry
    about what happened in your past but I am happy to see you moving forward
    with the enthusiasm we all love.

  3. Emkchannel99 says:


  4. Olly Bolly says:

    Hey Matthew, Nice Shirt Man!!

  5. 22mononoke says:

    Men with well kept beards are soooo much more attractive than those

  6. victor reznov says:

    3:39 lmfao hahah

  7. Ollie Kennedy says:

    Okay… I hate you now Matthew. I was shaving and this video distracted me
    so I cut myself… I am still bleeding 5 minutes later.

  8. Ernesto Magdaleno says:

    Whats next? Top ten things you didn’t know about your remote control?

  9. The513Warning says:

    I’m 23, and I’m just now able to grow a full beard. I had a beard, but the
    hairs around my mouth that make a goatee a goatee wouldn’t grow then, so it
    just looked stupid. Now that they’re growing in, I feel like a teenager
    constantly checking on new facial hairs lol.

  10. PhoenixBB says:

    Genocide people with beards!

  11. Cory Radebaugh says:

    +MatthewSantoro “This works for other body parts, as well.” LOL!

  12. Its KillerSheep says:

    .–… …,—–.-….. -..–..—….——-

  13. The Interesting Universe says:

    could someone pls tell me the number one way to grow an educational channel

  14. ahmet topcuoglu says:

    Hey Matt, can you make a video on the miracles of religouse books, Bible,
    Quran, Torah, etc

  15. Barry Singh says:

    I can’t grow a beard… :(

  16. onerecap says:

    Great video! I have once again regained my inner confidence. Haha?

  17. Talha Zahid says:

    well pulling doesn’t makes all parts of your body grow :P

  18. TechNomad says:

    0:20 hehe see what you did there

  19. CMLL “Mistico” Luchador says:

    Hey Matthew,
    You are awesome.