7 MYTHS You Still Believe About “Healthy Eating”

7 MYTHS You Still Believe About “Healthy Eating”

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Matthew Santoro
Jim Vaylin

Brock Sumner

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20 Responses

  1. Omar Far says:

    are you mad.yea because i cant see my forehead

  2. Amit Bokobza says:

    I’m watching this video while eating ice cream

  3. Abdul Hannan says:

    Your head looks like a giant potayto

  4. Natalia Diaz Silva says:

    I drink a litre milk a day, sometimes more. Oops. sips my milk.

  5. maremp5 says:

    “…researchers at Harvard university found out that women who ate at least
    a handful of nuts…”

    I laughed at this much harder than I probably should have.

  6. pixel26 says:

    matthew santoro be like ..7 myths u still believe about living. you
    actually dont need oxygen! l0l

  7. blusoldierwoman says:

    um,,,,,,,, people who suffers from asthma cant drink milk and YEs it hold
    mucus more every time my mother get an attack cant be around milk at all

  8. Andrea Smeelie says:

    I’ll try to lower down on milk then. Thanks! :)

  9. Dark Lord of the Shit says:

    Myth: GMO cause cancer

    No it doesnt, but that myth does

  10. Pablo Escobar says:

    this music sounds like music that plays when you’re in the Institute

  11. LifeAsKelsey x says:

    McDonald’s actually have less fat and calories that ‘healthy’ restaraunts

  12. Noah Varicalli says:

    Is this Seananners

  13. Jordan Lawrence says:

    Is he gay…

  14. Bjarke hørby says:

    I enjoyed this…

  15. Grimreaper 2057 says:

    make another top 50 amazing facts to blow your minds

  16. tony m says:

    Cool with all of this except the end comment “milk doesn’t increase mucus
    production” for me this is bs…

  17. Chris Ashby says:

    “Women that ate a handful of nuts” lololol

  18. houchi69 says:

    Quick freeze?
    It is called “Flash freeze”. Get it right please.

  19. NguLuc says:

    ok :)

  20. oraora33 says:

    I thought this was going to be a video of him crying about the people who
    lied and manipulated him into eating poorly.