7 MYTHS You Still Believe About HISTORY

7 MYTHS You Still Believe About HISTORY

Cowboys didn’t wear cowboy hats!? America wasn’t born on the 4th of July!? Today I bust these and more of the biggest MYTHS you were ever told about HISTORY!
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Written/Edited by: Matthew Santoro, Jim Vaylin, Brock Sumner

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20 Responses

  1. Phoenix ShadowBlade says:

    7? 7? 7? Why not 8 or 9 or 10 or 11 or 100 or… you get the point.

  2. 2cool0 says:

    guys guys guy……for all the people not from the u.s……..we don’t
    really think america single handedly won ww2. When it comes to ww2 we think
    of japan a little more than what was going on in Europe since most of the
    battles for the us was fought with japan (correct me if i’m wrong). but
    really man people overseas need to stop thinking americans are so self
    absorbed. i mean we are haha but not to the extreme everyone else thinks.

  3. H3H3ishere says:

    Anybody who thinks that 4th of july is americas birthday is not american

  4. pandafilmsinc says:

    1: The Holocaust

  5. Kyle Pickus says:

    Damn Canadian trying to ruin our American ignorance

  6. hellowutlol says:

    God you’re trying to be Michael from VSauce so hard

  7. Merabinferno says:

    do you still just check Wikipedia on these facts

  8. Nelly Nell says:

    Google Jonah Falcon!! Amazing Story!!! True American!!!!

  9. Ivanushka Klitchko says:

    the USA did save Europe from the axis you idiots!!! We gave billions of
    dollars worth of military equipment and food to Russia so it would survive
    the German blitzkrieg. The USA also sunk numerous Japanese ships and
    defeated japan!! this avoided Japan from invading Russia from the east. Get
    your history straight you idiots

  10. TrickyLover says:

    Hey look it’s the pussy that can’t take a hit

  11. Rainefaelyn says:

    Pppfft please. I watched Sleepy Hollow. I know how it all went down.
    Ichabod Crane/Tom Mison has a very trustworth face and voice.
    Also, you guys have serious monster and demon problem. Not sure if you’re
    all aware or not.

  12. george holst says:

    This guy is more hyped than Tmartn

  13. Andrew Marrujo says:

    The holocaust should be on this list

  14. Kamikaze Gorilla says:

    Isn’t this the guy who got his ass beat by his girlfriend? What a little

  15. MooseMouse8435 says:

    Ugh! All American facts?

  16. Travis Calley says:

    fps cured my cancer

  17. Eldar Hajji says:

    Wanna hear a joke ?


  18. EvanTheMLGPro says:

    Facts About OUTLAST?? You played the game right?

  19. ben Holland says:

    Um… How do you know that these things are true too?? You said we can’t
    really believe it unless we were there. And I don’t think you were in WW2
    or in America during the 1700’s.

  20. JustWanted YoutoKnow says:

    I want to see Stalin go rescue greater Europe. Laughable. You are cracked
    in the head, disingenuous, and should probably not make shit up as you go.