7 MYTHS You Still Believe About School!

7 MYTHS You Still Believe About School!

More homework = LOWER grades!? Whoa!
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Written/Edited by: Matthew Santoro, Jim Vaylin, Brock Sumner



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20 Responses

  1. zer0 95 says:

    fail a grade twice, stay in school kis
    adulthood is painfully lonely and growing up is weird


  2. og007#@** says:

    i have seen this video second time (old subscriber)
    stay awesome

  3. Alizeh Saqib says:

    I wish you were my school teacher.

  4. Mike Oxbigg says:

    Homework fucked my school life all up.

  5. shadow the gamer says:

    10 weirdest insect

  6. FoxGaming 1687 says:

    I learned a lot from the internet than school ever taught me. however, at
    my high school, I have someone who follows me everywhere I go like a
    creeper which is the main reason why I hate my school. he yells at me all
    the time even if I do nothing wrong. one day, I was doing some research on
    a foundation and he gave me something that I was not researching on which
    then, he corrupted my research. on my opinion, since the internet is a
    thing now, all the schools of America should be shut down. who’s with me?

  7. Teshana Guyton says:

    That last one I gave an amen! When I attended college and graduated, those
    4 years I treasure the most in my academic career! And my friends then are
    still my friends today!

  8. MystikMocha says:

    School is the early stage of our life long enslavement. They shape our
    minds to never ask why we are not truly free.

  9. MrOwl says:

    I never do homework

  10. Mage-Woofers says:

    my school has really strict dress code (1 color polos and either khakis,
    blue or black bottoms) and let me tell you, I wanna kms every time I enter
    that hell hole

  11. Yussof Ross says:

    Yeah I hated high school.Full of dream and illusions. I love my work life.

  12. Daniel Svensson says:

    Yet another great video Matt.:D

  13. Roku Sasaki says:

    zero tolerance school destroyed my life and well being
    dameged my humanity severely …
    the rage I feel right about now ..
    remembering how they turned me to something that I not …

  14. Munzy Banks says:

    this dude is cringey af

  15. Jayden Valencia says:

    the best year of my life was 2nd grade or 2012

  16. Lil'elfmagee says:

    The problem is not about grade averages. It’s about when grades are given
    based on self esteem, and the students still are not any more educated than

  17. David J Freeman says:

    school is a myth…

  18. queershadow666 says:

    What you’re saying is pretty true. Sociological studies have long proven
    popularly held beliefs and practices are counter productive, but the
    institutions will not change because they will not deviate from “the way
    it’s always been done”.

  19. Eman6462 says:

    The fact about funny teachers is so true,I hate 2 teachers I hated (for
    biology and for Geometry) but in my English and History classes I liked
    those teachers and I did way better.

  20. tessmonto says:

    2:03 yes exactly all of them, and no, I never made any new ones.