#7 NETS at #2 CELTICS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | April 20, 2022

#7 NETS at #2 CELTICS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | April 20, 2022

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34 Responses

  1. NBA says:

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    • Missy Skeeter says:

      Tied at 8 minutes 92-92, Great Boston hustle defense: Durant loose ball turnover, Irving loose ball turnover, Tatum blocks Durant jump shot, Durant misses 18 footer, Irving misses driving layup, Irving misses jumper, Durant mises jumper, Durant misses 3-pointer Celtics up 108-96 with 2 minutes left. Great defense: Durant shoots 4-17, Irving shoots 4-13

    • Keenan Hill says:

      @JoshThe2nd but I’m asking what plays do you think that were unfair? It’s seems to me that Kyrie was putting in work and KD fell short YET again because of the double team from Celtics…I’m rooting for the Nets but I”m blind either

    • JoshThe2nd says:

      @Keenan Hill Celtics don’t like kyrie and he’s on nets so

  2. PressCAPLOCK says:

    KD looked legitimately intimidated by the Celtics defense tonight.
    He looked uncomfortable, dribbling off his own foot and even went 0-10 in the 2nd half… WOW 💀💀

    • NoLimitMatthew says:

      @a ferng Lebron averaged 30 in that series ?

    • a ferng says:

      @LeUltraInstinct I don’t like LeBron on the court , but Durant ain’t no LeBron.

    • Alfram says:

      @The Barça Boardroom Dude KD was in the finals before steph curry was even relevant — just STOP lmao.

    • a ferng says:

      @Daboss we are the best in defense 💪. Even Jordan said there is no place to play basketball then the Boston Garden . The fans are amazing 👏 ☝️💪✌️🍀🍀🍀👍🔥🔥🔥

    • NO FEAR says:

      @TMONEY1943 You gonna look better playing with 3 all stars. He looked dmn good last year. Boston has just put in a defense he has not seen. He was dominant in the playoffs last year. No one was crying hero ball. No he’s doing same thing it’s just this defense is all over his @ss

  3. King Jerbear says:

    Defense was crazy, but Jaylen Brown is an absolute monster. Dude is unstoppable when he’s going downhill to the basket

    • NO FEAR says:

      @Oliver Yang They don’t have the size to match up with Boston. I’m so proud of GW after getting beatdown by fans and how he’s improved. Difference KD n Kyrie need big games. Celtics even if Tatum n Brown are off can still hang in there until one or both come around. Tatum was having a rough time but he’s grown and doesn’t force play anymore. I call that real growth and maturity. When he’s off shooting at least he still does other things now.

    • the glasses riley says:

      Up and down mostly

    • Scary Terry says:

      @Oliver Yang totally. That’s why people picked Boston to win. Brooklyn doesn’t have wings to guard Tatum and Brown

    • colton cyr says:

      Dude put on his big boy pants and just moved Irving out of his way 😆 beast mode activated

    • Oliver Yang says:

      They kept putting small defenders like Kyrie on him which won’t work

  4. Drew Warren says:

    The energy and urgency on defense is outstanding from the Celtics this game.

  5. Kay Way96 says:

    Down by 17 midway. Wow what a comeback. Best NBA game I’ve seen in a while. Celtics are on 🔥right now

  6. Uriah says:

    I was at work anxiety through the roof. What a comeback, I love this team so much bro 🍀🍀🍀

  7. skooly nugenator says:

    I’m a Wolves fan happy about the defensive improvements we’ve made this season. Then I watch the Celtics play defense like 😳

    • Justin Cote says:

      @Sac12 the same fans that also root for black people when they score?

    • skooly nugenator says:

      @MC Hammer daddy I know that’s scary. Maybe in a few years we can meet you guys in the finals. I’m just hoping to beat the Grizzlies in the first round. My Wolves need this experience and need to learn to win in the playoffs. I think their defense is only going to get better next year too. They have some young defensive studs.

    • DukeDaGod123 says:

      @Sac12 lol yea because you’re sitting in the stands hearing what they are saying. You went to game?

    • FAT NIGGA says:

      @Sac12 Are you also impressed with Kevin Durchoke???

    • Ethan Rivers says:

      @Sac12 Wow imagine having to call a whole fan base racists cus u got bent over in a playoff game

  8. Titan Master Race says:

    Damn Celtics had 7 players with double points that’s insane 💯

  9. ImLoopyXIII says:

    Massive W for the boys in green! The defense on both teams was so locked down, but man the comeback with Tatum leading the pack was unreal💀 Basketball is being fun to watch again!

  10. Trepan says:

    Watching the whole Celtics squad man up and smother the Nets on defense brings a tear to my eye 🙂

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