$7 Secret Menu Vs. $2,500 Secret Menu

$7 Secret Menu Vs. $2,500 Secret Menu

“Sometimes, secrets seem too good to be true.”

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Rafiq Salim
Mark Rosati

Richard Farnabe

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20 Responses

  1. Hana Xx says:

    The amount of caviar and gold they consumed on this show is too much

  2. Flutato says:

    1$ ramen vs 1000$ ramen

  3. Dharmies says:

    $1 sex toy vs $6969 sex toy

  4. XPayneX says:

    Did anyone notice that adam finally got a full meal

  5. Noelle Tea says:

    please do an episode on cheap fried chicken to most expensive fried chicken!!!

  6. Larvitar Dratini says:

    When they spend $2500 on caviar but eat it with silver spoons ?

  7. Dan Rakich says:

    I like quiet-ish camera guy, he always says what we care about

  8. sylvo330 says:

    $4.20 bong vs. $4200 bong.

  9. Sheen ED says:

    $60 handjob Vs $400 handjob

  10. XxbatquanxX says:

    How to make expensive food

    Step 1. Put edible gold

    Step 2. Add caviar

  11. Hanna D says:

    typical expensive food: caviar, gold leaf, very tiny portion

  12. James Flux says:

    Love the show, but kind of getting sick of Gold and caviar being the only thing that separates price…

  13. Wadder Balones says:

    You should do worth it ramen

  14. batlah alnejadi says:

    WOW !!! What a SURPRISE the expensive one had caviar AND gold ……. I didn’t expect that ???

  15. GKJ says:

    This series is the only thing I watch on BuzzFeed. It’s one of the only things I watch consistently on YouTube, period.

  16. Nana Haidara says:

    You should do cheap burrito vs expensive burrito

  17. muxu mizna says:

    how to make anything expensive
    1. caviar
    3.edible gold

  18. Megan Carter says:

    I like to watch it like Andrew and Steven are going on a string of dates and slowly falling in love.

  19. 44rugaciuni44semeni says:

    do $2 weird gift vs $2,500 weird gift from here isntthisweird *com

  20. BuzzFееdVidеo says:

    Thanks For All The Support Enjoy This Wonderful Present From Me

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