7 Things You Missed From Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” Music Video

7 Things You Missed From Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” Music Video

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Taylor Swift’s “Looks What You Made Me Do” music video just dropped and in the world can’t stop searching for secret messages hidden in the short film masterpiece.
And full disclosure, when I say world cant’ stop searching, I’m 100% referring to myself and I’m not sorry. I’m a hard hitting journalist and this is my job.
At this point every Tay fan out there knows that the singer is very well known for turning her releases into full on mystery-filled works of art and right now we’re going to break down 7 things you might’ve missed from her Look What You Made Me do music vid because you (like me) were probably too busy picking up your jaw off the puddle of drool it was on the ground.
First things first I should let you know many of these moments are Taylor flashing back to being herself at various moments in time. So let’s kick it off at the beginning – our first moment is the opening moment from the video when Taylor literally claws her dead self out from the ground, immediately giving us all kinds of Out of the Woods vibes, but that’s pretty much nothing when you take a look at this second moment of pure wildness. Check out this headstone that right behind Tay in the graveyard which reads Nils Sjoberg – aka the fake name Tay used when she wrote This is What You Came for with her ex bf Calvin Harris…safe to say that relationship is super dead, as in six feet under. Not too long after this moment, we see dead corpsy Taylor sporting her 2014 Met Gala gown – so she’s dead too I guess?
But now, let’s move on to the multiple cat references and the cheeta print clothing galore which of course everyone is saying is 100% aimed at katy-kat queen Katy Perry. Our 4th moment is Taylor in this fancy car with a cheeta. In other funny moments, we see Tay at moment 5, wearing her bad blood video costume with a huge squad reference on the jumbo tron – obviously a jab at her infamous squad, created for the popular music video. Then we’ve gotta talk about number 6 and babe of all babe Todrick who along with all the other dancers is wearing an I heart TS crop top, a very clear jab at Tom Hiddleston who wore a shirt with the same phrase on it at Tay’s 4th of July party a few years back and the entire world lost it’s mind. Then at the end of the video, all hell breaks loose and every Taylor we’ve ever seen ever pops up and we’re gonna make this a huge power-packed number 7 – we see You Belong With Me Tay wearing a shirt with all her besties names on it including Selena Gomez, Blake Lively and Gigi Hadid just to name a few. That TS if followed up by Taylor making fun of herself for always looking so surprised which I really kind of loved and then we see Fearless Taylor, Red Taylor, 2009 VMA Taylor. It’s literally everything and honestly we haven’t even truly had time to process this entire experience. It’ll probably take months. But you guys I’m dying to hear from you – what did you catch that we didn’t. Hit the comments to join this convo and then click here to see our break down of the best moments from tonight’s VMAs. I’m Joslyn Davis and I have to go watch this video like 100 more times so see you later!

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20 Responses

  1. bby girl says:

    Also the bathtub is full with many diamonds and there’s only ONE single dollar bill which refers to the Dj that she was suing for one dollar.

  2. Vrinda Seemairaj says:

    Does any one else feel like this is a whole new side of Taylor Swift

  3. Mina A says:

    I caught during ‘cheetah’ Taylor was taking pictures, she said getting receipts which as a matter of fact, in Katy Perry’s Swish Swish song had a line that said, “She keeps receipts”

  4. Stekiz says:

    At the end when Taylor says: “Who’s that bitch?”
    And zombie taylor says: “Don’t call me that!!”
    Kanye sang: “I made that bitch famous” RIGHT??? Just me? Ok..
    I fucking love Taylor, such a badass!

  5. Pamela Langhart says:

    She is definitely surrounded by snakes in real life. The whole vid is dark and gorgeous, sexy and funny! I love a person who can not only make fun of themselves but reinvent themselves time and again.

  6. Will Scott says:

    Wait but also isnt taylor in the bathtub with the jewelry like when Kim K was robbed from in Paris? (No hate please – I know I may be wrong)

  7. Marta Vaz says:

    When Taylor is in the bank I think, her sweatshirt says “Blind for Love” ate the bottom and I think maybe it’s a reference of people saying that she dates everyone and only does songs about love!!

  8. Tala Rey says:

    Zombie Taylor is from out of the woods – she buries met gala Taylor .

    Bath tub has diamonds and shit – referring to the character from blank space, also she talked about how the media said that she’s money hungry and that she’s laying in a tub full of diamonds and pearls. theres also a 1$ hinting the 1$ she won from her trial .

    Crash – that was not shade for katy perry
    Theres a line in red where she says : ” loving him is like driving a new Maserati down a dead end street ” and she’s holding a grammy in the mv , means that red is the favorite album of 80% of the swifties and to this day we all say red deserved a grammy it’s a reference to that .

    Bank robbery – everyone saying she did the whole streaming thing for money ( she robs streaming services) .

    Room of woman – everyone says that her squad is fake and that she manipulates and almost controls them .

    Jet / i heart TS shirts – how the media followed her around everywhere and how she forced tom hiddleston to wear a shirt with that on .

    Grave stone with the anonymous name on it she had when on the writing credits for this is what u came for .

    And finally at the end of the video how people say that she can’t be that nice in real life and how she fakes her surprised faces also how she’s overdramatic , and where she’s recording for receipts to edit them later is how kim k recorded the phone call edited and posted it on sc , the don’t call me a bitch is shade towards kanye .

    Love or hate Taylor u can’t deny that she’s in absolute genius!! What an amazing music video .

  9. Diana says:

    when you realise Taylor saying she rose up from the dead in a cemetery is probably a response to Katy saying she put Taylor in a casket.

    Katy : swish swish bish another one in the casket
    Taylor: Na bish I rose up from the dead I do it all the time
    Katy: And karma’s not a liar
    Taylor: all I think about is karma. Maybe I got mine, but you’ll all get yours
    Katy: She keeps receipts
    Taylor: Getting receipts, gonna edit this later

  10. Shalini Ambady says:

    The bathtub scene is a reference to when Kim K was robbed cause she was tied up and put in a bathtub

  11. Everyday Emery says:

    Also when she says I don’t like your tilted stage and that’s when Kanye performed on a tilted stage and also she says your name is in red and red underlined and that’s from the mean girls burn book! Like if you noticed that as well

  12. bIrdIEdOll says:

    I think the part where Taylor is surrounded by squad signs and there are robots of beautiful women is a reference to when people where saying that Taylor’s squad wasn’t a good example for young girls because only thin and beautiful women were part of it, and it lacked diversity. Hence, all the beautiful thin robots all lined up. Would love to hear about your theories!

  13. Mark Berzel says:

    The one dollar bill in the bathtub Taylor won that in the court

  14. Meme Bautista says:

    The I heart TS shirt is not a jab at Tom Hiddleston but a jab at everyone who made fun of him for wearing it.

  15. Emma Schuren says:

    you missed the “et tu brute” on her throne in the second shot

  16. Taylor Swift says:

    I noticed in the end the boys touched her butt hint hint the sexual assault case

  17. Kat & sam Plusmad says:

    There’s one dollar in the bathtub because she sue that guy for one dollar

  18. Chery Bomb says:

    She’s a genius and is going to break a new record again bcz she can ?❤️

  19. Gay Chicken Nuggets says:

    I honestly love the end the most !
    When she writes reputation on the plane and all of the other Taylors are down below !

    I picture The new Taylor being “like bitches get on the plane because they didn’t like any of you so let’s give the world the bad bitch Taylor”


    And honestly I LOVING IT

    ALSO KATIE’S VIDEO HAS NOTHING ON TAY’S like swish swish bitch lmao

  20. katieblack smith says:

    I love it when she is dressed as Katy Perry and holding a grammy, since Katy has never won a Grammy. ?

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