7 Weirdest Christmas Facts

7 Weirdest Christmas Facts

We’ve got some things you probably didn’t know about Christmas. GMM #827!
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20 Responses

  1. Dawson Blue says:

    Links face looks so much better when he used the POW face workout

  2. Zulema Ortega .t says:

    speed of light 800×36

  3. Dufty R says:

    By bending spacetime, scientists were able to make a laser go faster than
    light speed.

  4. bubbajoe66 says:

    One of these times D is gonna be right xd

  5. FwuffyKawaii says:


  6. SuperMJK1974 says:

    5/7 I’m nice

  7. Joe Garcia says:

    plz do a will it carmal

  8. Fionn Krahforst says:

    actually Einstein’s theory saying that has been disproved so c can be

  9. Darknight_16 says:

    On Christmas day they should open presents as an episode featuring both

  10. jeancarlo corpuz says:


  11. skele son says:

    Did link grow his hair back lol

  12. Sarah Handago says:

    Love the set ☺️

  13. Norah E says:

    I have actually watched the movie/musical White Christmas and been to a
    performance of it also.

  14. lizzy 5463 says:

    you guys are the best

  15. Jonah Simon says:

    I’m related to Bing Crosby!

  16. Josie Perez says:

    Rhett and Link did you get a letter about you two making a will it grill
    video because I sent one to you

  17. rosegirlkrb says:

    i would totally watch a musical about maximum security prison

  18. R-29 Official says:

    You should do a featuring with Eminem

  19. Alex Whitehead says:

    hey guys watch my zombie apocalypse vedios

  20. Juraj Skonc says:

    make a vid that has you guys and your kids opening presents