$700 vs. $3200 Off-Road Suspension | HiLow

$700 vs. $3200 Off-Road Suspension | HiLow

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Hi Low is back!!! Hope yall enjoy!

**Intro sequence by @mbarek_abdel***

$700 suspension upgrade vs. $3200 off-road suspension upgrade
Does more expensive mean more better? Let’s find out!

We bought two identical Toyota Tacomas, and we’re modifying them to be fun, daily drivers that you can take literally anywhere, except the ocean.

One Taco gets expensive parts, and one gets cheap parts. Then we test them, to see which components are worth spending your hard-earned money on.

Upgrading your suspension with new, longer travel springs and shocks can improve your truck’s ground clearance, ride quality, and ability to keep all 4 tires in touch with the ground while driving over uneven terrain.
They also let you run bigger, sicker wheels and tires.

Today, Hi Truck is getting….
An ICON Stage 4 Suspension System including front coilovers and rear shocks –both with external reservoirs– a pair of add-a-leafs, and upper control arms all for $3200.

And Low Truck is getting a Bilstein 3” lift kit which comes with springs, shocks, and an add-a-leaf kit.
Our suspension upgrade costs $700– less than a fourth the cost of Hi Team’s kit.

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27 Responses

  1. Abhinav Singh Bhati says:

    It’s hard to explain the feeling when you wish something existed, and then a few weeks later, you find donut media has made exactly that thing. Thank you ❤❤

  2. TheNeonGuy says:

    Honestly having a stock truck throughout the season is a good idea since it makes us notice even the low truck’s improvements throughout time and notice if x improvement is good.

  3. Moyashi says:

    “This season’s kickin’ off with a WHOLE. LOTTA…” ad placement “… SUSPENSE.”

    • Thor Cain says:

      And without advertisements it’s hard to fund such things. They have a yellow bar so you can skip, don’t complain man.

    • Robert Nichols says:

      @Thor Cain I think he was talking about a literal advertisement from YouTube, not sponsorships for donut.

  4. James Copeland says:

    “Safe” install, spring compressors are terrifying

  5. TheThinkingByte says:

    Bruh Nolan deserves the hi truck after all the pain he’s gone through with low car ;(

  6. Jaren Lavrar says:

    The fact you found 2 people willing to sell their Tacoma is amazing to me

  7. Antonio Costa says:

    “They had to press out their ball joints” like it’s ever a bad idea to replace them lol

  8. Jake Lannetti says:

    Lo truck is actually a decent set up, most “lo” set ups is throwing some spacers in there calling it a day

  9. PoeBoys says:

    I approve of this. Dont flip em!!

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