703 Easy Street by The Collapsable Hearts Club ft. Jim Biano & Petra Haden

703 Easy Street by The Collapsable Hearts Club ft. Jim Biano & Petra Haden

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This song plays while Daryl is sleeping in his cell before being woken up by Easy Street blaring. It also plays many more times throughout the episode.

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20 Responses

  1. G Sanchez says:

    even though it’s pure torture for them to blast this into Daryl’s little
    cell I keep laughing when it comes on idk why lmao

  2. PunicaJunkie says:

    it is 4 am in the “morning” in germany and im fucking up my family with
    this song 🙂 feels good :D

  3. Another Profile says:

    my favorite song

  4. Kayla Hemby says:

    Anybody else come here, just to annoy themselves?????I laughed so hard
    when this part came on. Anyone else???

  5. Iban Nash says:

    They shoulda played baby by Justin bieber. That’s real torture!

  6. RespawnPlays says:

    Who came here after watching the episode

  7. Glenn Hoyt says:

    ohhh how funny it would have been if they opened the cell and he was
    singing and dancing to the song.

  8. BABY ALEX says:

    Time to make this my alarm song

  9. Skywalker says:

    Thanks a lot, Dwight. Now I’m going to have this song in my head for about
    a month

  10. Preston Jones says:

    Negan’s face perfectly represents the Savior’s troll attitude while playing
    this song

  11. queen abigail says:

    I felt so bad for Daryl. He didn’t deserve that dog food sandwiches. He
    deserved a five course meal.

  12. Rodrigo Ramirez says:

    And I thought I’d be the only WD fan looking for this song lol

  13. TheFlamelessGamer says:

    who else here from the walking dead

  14. Flyguy 0808 says:

    Who else just watched the episode and looked this song up because it was
    stuck in their head

  15. figment1988 says:

    Finally. The Walking Dead has brought something that’s more annoying than
    Frozen’s Let It Go.

  16. MinersLoveGames says:

    I have an idea. Take any horrible scene from the show (Hershel’s death,
    Rick’s mental breakdown in Season 3.) and just play Easy Street over it.

  17. Sketch of Google+ says:

    And Chris Hardwick said that this song can’t be found…..

  18. WildcardB1tches says:

    This song is so catchy. Negan has great taste in music. I wonder if he
    plays this while he pipes Dwight’s girl.

  19. Am I Not Merciful!! says:

    how daryl managed to dislike this 25 times?

  20. Negan says:

    Am I the only one who thinks this song is freakin’ amazing?