70th Emmy Awards: Opening Monologue

70th Emmy Awards: Opening Monologue

Watch the opening monologue for the 2018 Primetime Emmys, hosted by Michael Che and Colin Jost!

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85 Responses

  1. Giovane Alves says:

    ow, that was hard to watch

  2. fabian edbert says:

    This is the worst Emmy monologue ever

  3. Tika D says:

    “15 miles outside of Atlanta”…lol

  4. Molon Labe says:

    We Repubs do thank Jesus a lot.

    • Skinny Bones Jones says:

      +luis molina Liberals are Sinful with their abortion and gay marriage BUT their OTHER ideals are much closer to what Christ meant for humanity. Healthcare for all would be Christ’s platform. The Bible says to whom more is given more is required. LUKE 12:48
      The Lord wouldn’t give tax breaks to corporations and the wealthy. The Republicans are also the ones who stand up for the wicked when that wicked person can give them what they want or seek to achieve

    • Skinny Bones Jones says:

      +Heidi Yodel Leftist?! How does a high IQ arrive at that conclusion? I am a Saint of Jesus Christ sweetheart I don’t turn Left or Right but march straight forward, pressing toward the prize

    • Mr K says:

      +Skinny Bones Jones Is jesus racist? Was he really white with blonde hair and blue eyes? My brown ass never going to make it to heaven LMAO.

    • Heidi Yodel says:

      +Skinny Bones Jones…u still @ it, triggered leftist SKANKY? Give it a rest honey.

    • Iroquois Plisken says:

      +Ari MF Shapiro is Jesus the Messiah? Answer and we’ll see who the hypocrite is.

  5. outdoorcats says:

    Guys, guys–can we put aside our political differences for once and agree this is one of the worst monologues ever? :/

    • Francis Skillman says:

      What does this have to do with jews raping kids in Hollywood ? #JewsRapeKids

    • Francis Skillman says:

      I love when shitlibs ignore rapist beater Kieth Ellison then try to act as a moral authority LOL #GasYourself

    • Aditya Chatterjee says:

      The mexican bots are working overtime in the comments section.

    • James Then says:

      Yes we can!!!

      Seriously though…this is one of the deadest, no energy deliveries I’ve ever seen.

    • maxxx paasion says:

      Yes, agree 1000% These guys are horrible on Saturday Night Live and they were horrible last night. SNL sucks, again. They need to recast and move away from politics and start entertaining everyone again. These comedians have become self righteous assholes who think we all care about their political opinions . . . we don’t. They aren’t that smart, funny or entertaining.

  6. nikkos34 says:

    Ok so they did a weekend update on a monday night….

  7. The Fidget Spinner Movie says:

    It’s not that this was a bad monologue… It’s just that they played it like it was weekend update on SNL rather than a more ceremonious occasion.

  8. KC Nwokoye says:

    I didn’t think this would work from watching all their interviews. They have good chemistry but on a variety sitting show or a chat show with each other, throw someone else in the mix and it throws Michael Che off. They do better free styling. Such a show needs a host like Alec Baldwin or Tina Fey who are actors and can perform live on a whim. A host is always better when a performer.

  9. Tami P. says:

    It was cringey and awkward but that’s just their style. As a fan of snl I enjoyed it.

  10. Taye Nic says:

    I didn’t think it was bad? I thought it was cute.

  11. Isaac Alonzo says:

    2:35 that Ronan Farrow joke made me spill my coffee LOL

  12. J Bellamy says:

    “It’s what black people call history” …that joke was a hair too real for the audience …you could hear it in the laughter lol. Che and Jost did their thing!

    • Larry Scary says:

      J Bellamy you racist losers should be reading instead of Watching tv 24/7 –>
      Larry Koger
      Black Slaveowners: Free Black Slave Masters in South Carolina, 1790-1860
      Reprint Edition
      ISBN-13: 978-0786469314, ISBN-10: 0786469315
      4.3 out of 5 stars (37)

    • A Rose says:

      Larry Scary
      The definition of racism isn’t, he who points out the obvious in an awards show.
      You aren’t even trolling correctly… find an actual racist comment and have at it.

    • Janie Sarafina Dreams says:

      white woman roots with bonnets. So funny.

    • Prince Nixon says:

      Blacks don’t have history

  13. Hannah Moddes says:

    1949: Nazis are bad.
    2017: There was violence on many sides, many sides…(courtesy of mango untamed)

  14. mr007ocean says:

    I don’t see the problem. It was a funny Monologue

  15. Sam Brobst says:

    shoulda had Mulaney and Kroll do it, just sayin’

  16. Sandra Vanderleek says:

    Everyone complaining… they knew what they were getting when they asked this snl comedy duo to host.
    These two were funny and current as ever!! Loved it ❀️

  17. tetrulz jam says:

    Lets me save u guys the time. *Some lame predictable jokes about diversity and high ratings of netflix.* Thats all. You’re welcome.

  18. Sirmongalot says:

    Everything is about race politics and diversity now you Hollywood libs are so boring

  19. Sirmongalot says:

    Racist jokes! How do they get away with it

  20. Em MM says:

    Hollywood leftists are completely detached from reality. But, at the sane time, they so arrogantly think they should dictate to everyone on how to think, act, speak and vote like them.

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