73 Questions With Emma Stone | Vogue

73 Questions With Emma Stone | Vogue

Emma Stone shows off her fabulous dance moves, belts out a killer Britney Spears impression, and admits to crying in front of Tom Hanks.

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73 Questions With Emma Stone | Vogue

Starring: Emma Stone

Created by: Joe Sabia

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20 Responses

  1. Tristan Arthurs says:

    She is such a gem! I love 73 questions keep making them vogue

  2. Karine Claudia says:

    Is it wrong if I still ship her with andrew? and jump a little when she
    said her favorit hero is Spiderman.

  3. Aisha Eliana says:

    Will the guy asking 73 questions ever be asked 73 questions?

  4. Dooq says:


  5. Hannah Goh says:

    she used to be one of my favourite actresses…….. this just made her my
    favourite person on this earth.

  6. samwise gamgee says:

    Loved it! Can you please do Emma Watson?

  7. Kim X says:

    Is no one else aware that her fridge is EMPTY??? Am I the only one that
    notices this? This is sooo fake Vogue ?

  8. catarina wyers says:

    “Buzz 1234 for Emma Stone” I can’t ahahah I love this so much

  9. aniretakDB007 says:

    Aww let’s all start calling her Emily again!She’s famous now she doesn’t
    need the Emma so people won’t confuse her with someone else. She seems sad
    people, let’s give her her name back

  10. moiraine_damodred says:

    I honestly can’t believe she did this…

  11. Addeena Roka says:

    Oh my goodness she did it so effortlessly. Natural. And funny ? This made
    me love her more

  12. Julianna Fletcher says:

    “Still Spiderman” omg I squealed.

  13. MyPerfectPhantasy says:

    she is such a pure angel

  14. Ariel Alena says:

    Emma!! ? I love her so much she’s such a queen!

  15. beckywiththegood weave says:

    Something about Emma’s I just love. Stone, Watson, Roberts…

  16. Rik Rocks says:

    “We didn’t plan that at all”. Sure Emma, sure…

  17. Obscene Vegetable Matter says:

    That’s… way too scripted and staged to feel interesting.

  18. liketube3 says:

    VOGUE let them answer, dont give them a damn script

  19. JC Maldonado says:

    She’s like a talented version of Taylor Swift/Lindsay Lohan

  20. MotoMatt says:

    Always get a huge porno vibe from these. The guy even sounds like a