73 Questions With Gigi Hadid | Vogue

73 Questions With Gigi Hadid | Vogue

Supermodel Gigi Hadid has a schedule packed full of flights and photoshoots. In-between trips from New York to LA, Gigi invites Vogue to IMG’s offices where she takes a shot at answering 73 unexpected questions. Gigi tells us who her girl-crush is, shows off her boxing skills and ranks her favorite Taylor Swift songs.

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73 Questions With Gigi Hadid | Vogue

Created by: Joe Sabia

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20 Responses

  1. Alyssa Jane says:

    “which of zayn’s tattoos is your favourite”
    “um definitely the one of his ex girlfriend yeah that one is super cool”

  2. Alexia Mendez says:

    8:55 she can take one selfie and look amazing. I have to take a thousand to look decent 😂😂

  3. Joyce Varghese says:

    she is 6ft😱….

  4. Sharmeen The Weirdo says:

    73 questions with Justin Bieber.

  5. Sofia Rosa sopvhi.a says:

    2:39 how can it be a couple years ago if she’s dating zayn since last year wtf

  6. Tamara Ivanis says:

    The way they act is so cringy and makes me feel uncomfortable..

  7. Smiley face says:

    Do 73 questions with Justin Bieber!

  8. JGIII says:

    this shit cringe and not cringe at the same time

  9. Mahd i says:

    73 questions with Beyoncé!!

  10. Veena V says:

    And finally Gigi Hadid. I have been requesting for a long time. Tnkuuu. please do the same with Ariana, Camila or *Zayn*

  11. Tanya Abbasi says:

    Do a 73 questions with Zayn Malik <3 it will be interesting

  12. Phenomenal One says:

    73 questions with Emma Watson

  13. dark lord says:

    i dont like her

  14. Loom Geek says:

    How could you hate her? She’s so bright and fun

  15. Stephen says:

    You can tell she is kinda really full of herself

  16. Kristina Antanyan says:

    the way hadid sisters style denim is spectacular

  17. pizzist says:

    wow I expected this to be a lot like Kendall’s but she’s a lot more natural

  18. pizzist says:


  19. Dua Fatima says:

    I hate her, and this is the most boring thing ever! Besides, Zigi is fake!

  20. Directioner S says:

    so fake and boring 😑😑

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