73 Questions with Iggy Azalea

73 Questions with Iggy Azalea

We met up with Iggy Azalea at her studio in Los Angeles and asked her 73 questions about her life today. She shares how being famous is a total mess (but awesome) and what the biggest misconception is about her. To hear the rest of what she shared with us, keep watching.

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73 Questions with Iggy Azalea

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20 Responses

  1. Jack Sheehan says:

    that awkward moment when he never returns the Ferrari… LOL

  2. 100pourcentTruth says:

    I love her so much

  3. luchamini says:

    Chicken over everything? What is she going to steal from black culture

  4. Random2692 says:

    wonder how many takes they took to make this

  5. marveya Castillo says:

    Wish they would have asked her to freestyle 

  6. williamcraig4 says:

    Shes gorgeous and well spoken, shes as stunning as kiera knightley also.
    the exact opposite of her music. 

  7. Clear Mind says:

    I don’t know much about fashion but I thought that Vogue was something that
    held very high standards to fashion. Now I see people like Izzy Iggala and
    Kim Kardashian on the youtube channel and I guess also in their magazine. I
    guess it all went to shit. Because trashy bimbo’s like this aren’t exactly
    a good example of high fashion standards. 

  8. jaren williams says:


  9. los5amigos says:

    a good question would be “can you actually rap?”

  10. julio hernandez says:

    ok most if her music suck, but she’s down to earth and kinda cute 

  11. RKFCGSBGK says:

    Should have asked her a 74th question; why is she shit at making music?

  12. Julene Lindsey says:

    She became rich from using her Black accent~~~SMH~ Not supporting this
    fraud. Maybe she will start speaking spanish and make mexican music or
    something. Or better yet, what is her damn culture. lol smh

  13. EntScoop says:

    This is good. Another side of Iggy.

  14. Brian Pineda says:

    Love u iggy

  15. Sevastian Mejia says:

    I love her accent, she is beautiful, talented, unique lol, love you Iggy.

  16. Erdem Er says:

    I love You IGGY

  17. Ramazan Ramazan says:


  18. alicia rodriguez says:

    She seems so “normal”. I appreciate that.

  19. Jake Smith says:

    Damn I respect her respect for Outkast

  20. Chris Bosh says:

    Show us your ass.