73 Questions With Selena Gomez | Vogue

73 Questions With Selena Gomez | Vogue

Whether it’s acting, singing, or appearing on the cover of Vogue, Selena Gomez is doing it all. Instagram’s biggest star invites Vogue in and takes a shot at answering 73 unexpected questions. Selena reveals the last movie that made her cry, the food she can’t live without, and her favorite jingle of all-time.

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73 Questions With Selena Gomez | Vogue

Starring: Selena Gomez

Created by: Joe Sabia
Produced By: Nickolas James, Creighton DeSimone

“Kill Em with Kindness” cover by Marie Britten: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=anqrJWPCNlU

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20 Responses

  1. Selena&Justin Forever says:

    She’s Such a Cute Dork!My Baby!?

  2. Suad Aden says:

    Americans say Europe and Africa as if it’s a country and not a continent which is really weird to me coz i live in England.

  3. ARYAN RAO says:

    it should be greateful

  4. Safa Slote says:

    “How would you describe yourself?”
    *Dates Bella Hadid’s Ex*

  5. YeezusWestCoast says:

    Ho Ho Ho

  6. Beautybyallii7 says:

    that awkward moment when bella is in the commercial right before the video played

  7. Puppy Alvin says:

    eh…her spanish is kinda weak. accent is off. I liked Taylor’s interview better and the best jingle is BIG RED GUM or Folgers coffee.

  8. alexisxg says:

    I know I know all this interviews are all fake but please at least try to be more realistic????

  9. jenny j says:

    it’s shocking how celebrities get so much hate even if they’re so good to people just because of one or two bad choices which actually might be best for them…. why can’t people see them as humans who feel n let them live happily … she did an interview…she was sweet…. watch it…. n comment nice things… dont be the reason people feel low …

  10. Robyn says:

    This is so staged lol

  11. Bilal Hamdan says:

    oh my god this video came from heaven

  12. Jacob Perez says:

    She dates a guy who keeps a dead possum on top of his head at all times and refers to her as his bitch–everything she says is irrelevant.

  13. Beatrice Es says:

    She tries so hard much to seem effortless i’m dying. wtf did i just watch, she is annoying

  14. mark tombson says:

    2:41 Same Selena…….. Same :”)

  15. Alba Iñiguez says:

    She seems to be such a serious person

  16. Badria Alansari says:

    Fuck her she’s soooooooooo annoyingly overrated ??

  17. Der Masochist says:

    interviewer: how you describe yourself in 3 words…
    selena: loyal
    dates the ex bf of bella hadid

  18. Matthew Yeoh says:

    Is this scripted? She answered all the questions with ease, and the foam board just so happens to be behind her?

  19. Girl Q says:

    How can she look so good in these horrible pants? What is her secret???‍♀️

  20. lizzy koenig says:

    she is reminding me so much of Alex Russo right now ahhh

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