73 Questions With Zac Efron | Vogue

73 Questions With Zac Efron | Vogue

Zac Efron, star of the upcoming film “The Greatest Showman,” invites Vogue in and answers 73 Questions. Zac tells us about his 1964 Mustang, his best celebrity impressions, and that time he swam with a wild tiger shark.

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73 Questions With Zac Efron | Vogue

Created by: Joe Sabia

Music Credits:
Portgual. The Man – “Feel It Still” / Atlantic
Temper Trap – “Sweet Disposition” / Glassnote

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20 Responses

  1. Garrett Holland-Pittman says:

    What’s is your spirit animal?
    Zac: Definently a hawk
    Me: NO, ZAC, IT’S A WILDCAT!!! 😂

  2. Alain Bruno says:

    His outfit is cool ✌

  3. Hannah Kayy says:

    He’s hotter than the barbecue 🤤❤️

  4. Emily Isom says:

    I originally saw this on Liza Koshy’s channel lol

  5. Mary Lanett says:

    The ending killed me 😂😂😂

  6. 私たちの文化はあなたの鑑賞ではありません says:

    0:02 ”Climb up the H of the Hollywood sign, yeah In these stolen moments, The world is mine’

  7. Nour Harb says:

    73 question with logan paul

  8. Katie Wells says:

    For Karaoke Song I thought he was going to say “Start of Something New”

  9. samantha willems says:

    His Seth impression was GOLDEN. 😭😭

  10. Galilea Agoitia says:

    That smile drives me crazy since 2007. 😍❤✋

  11. Natalie Aranda says:

    I clicked this so fast I think I broke my thumb 😂

  12. Luciana Ureña says:


  13. Boots adicct says:

    ZACALICIOUS I’M DOWN who else?? 😍👇🏼

  14. Nika Price says:

    I died when he said chance the rapper or kendrick lamar!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Gleeker says:

    I’m not even a zack Efron fan but I clicked on this because he’s so fucking gorgeous

  16. JR B says:

    If a girl talks about a guy because of his looks, their just being a girl. If a guy talks about a girl because of their looks, their a pervert. smfh

  17. Vlasta Bozic says:

    His smile stayed exactly the same

  18. Simply Viktoria says:

    i honestly just wanted at least one of these answers to be HSM related

  19. VEGITOO43 says:

    I’m just waiting for Kosmic 8 to parody this.

  20. Warry Styles says:

    73 questions with Harry Styles.

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