#73: Stefon Diggs (WR, Vikings) | Top 100 Players of 2019 | NFL

#73: Stefon Diggs (WR, Vikings) | Top 100 Players of 2019 | NFL

Minnesota Vikings wide receiver, Stefon Diggs comes in at number 73 on the list of Top 100 Players of 2019 as voted on by his peers.

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67 Responses

  1. LethalDog 53 says:

    That catch against Seattle was just NASTY

  2. Carter 54 says:

    He had a better year but had a lower ranking than last year??

  3. LethalDog 53 says:

    Corners Diggs faced this year:

    -Richard Sherman
    -Jaire Alexander (twice)
    – Tre’Davious White
    -Marcus Peters
    -Patrick Peterson
    -Marshon Lattimore
    -Darius Slay (twice)
    -Kyle Fuller (twice)
    -Stephon Gilmore
    -Xavien Howard
    -Aquib Talib

    He also had Thielen to compete with in catches, and cousins throwing him the ball and still had 1000+ yards 100 catches and 9 touchdowns. He also missed 2 games. Diggs is also 1# in contested catches over the last three years over Hopkins Hill and Brown. Diggs takes the 1# corner away from Thielen so his stats look better.

  4. Junior Fiti says:

    Wow this is crazy smh, another player being disrespected ?

  5. Taylor Smith says:

    LMAO they already removed Packers from Mike Daniels

  6. Travis Scott says:

    How did he do worse he did way better this year

  7. Matthew Marcenaro says:

    See it dosent say packers DT here but on the last vid it did

  8. Mitchell Trubisky says:

    Disrespect to him tf is this, and mike Daniels just appears every video lol

  9. YourBoiKwams says:

    Mike Daniels being on basically all of these so far feels weird af now that he got released

  10. BIG DA says:

    If amari cooper is on the list it will be complete BS that he’s higher than diggs

    • CTC says:

      @BIG DA… U sound stupid asf lil homie, frfr, smh. Route running, Cooper wins that by a landslide, FACTS!. Cooper >>> Diggs
      BIG FACTS!

    • GetShmanged says:

      @Backdrop Kid amari cooper wasn’t used properly his final season in Oakland. His route running and hands are pretty legit.

    • Trenisa Walker says:

      CTC Their route running is close but diggs has way better hands. Also cooper got a bunch of lucky ass tds and catches in Dallas. Let’s see if he keeps that up. Rn Diggs>thielen. Coop prob won’t make the list.

    • Simeon 52 says:

      Sorry but as far as i know diggs has been lethal in every season. As for Amari i think not

    • Trenisa Walker says:

      GetShmanged watch the Texans vs raiders playoff game. Hands definitely aren’t legit.

  11. HotSauce Hysteria says:

    He’s got that cocky swagger stuff that Ramsay and Brown but he’s actually cool and respectable with it lmao.

  12. Strictly Business says:

    Davantae Adams and Mike Daniels, thanks- Vikings fan

  13. Justin Cox says:

    Breaking news: Packers have released Mike Daniels and has been signed by NFL Top 100 ?

  14. THA P. says:

    He very under rated as a WR. Only because we are blessed with so many great recievers right now for some reason.

  15. Brett Dube says:

    The fact that they’re gunna rank Brandon cooks over him is retarted

  16. Ant Chancey says:

    One of the BEST Route Running WRs In The NFL!!!

  17. madeniran is the Best says:

    This list is stupid at this point

    They are putting great players too low

    How can you put an All-Star in the 90s-60s?

  18. SAUCY KING says:

    Y’all need to stop complaining about where they’re rated at, there are a lot of good players in this league

    • Original6Productions says:

      No especially when Kirk cousins is on this list and is rated higher than a Super Bowl mvp. Y’all need to stop bitching about people having legitimate arguments

    • Good Peeps says:

      Original6Productions facts Jarvis was the best wide out for the be browns last year and look where they rank him

    • Broken King says:

      Robert Woods aint one of them

  19. DreDaGr8$ says:

    Well damn guess they ranked him higher last yr solely on the Minneapolis Miracle ??‍♂️

  20. Fabrizio says:

    Wait. Diggs has his best season ever with career highs in catches, yards, TDs, and his rank goes DOWN? ?

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