75 million Americans ordered to stay home

75 million Americans ordered to stay home

Connecticut, Illinois and New York joined California on Friday in ordering nonessential workers to remain at home to slow the spread of coronavirus, which means more than 1 in 5 Americans live in a state under general stay-at-home orders.

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91 Responses

  1. Classic Shway says:

    the best part was the doctor. “Have a little smile if only for a moment”

  2. Koguntetzu Gaming says:

    Doctor: “Look for any opportunity to have a little joke, to get a smile, if only for a moment.”

    Me: “It’s meme time, it’s meme time. Gather all your friends it’s meme time”

  3. Minzimedic says:

    I want this doctor to read me bedtime stories.

    • Angel says:

      Also, white people getting excited over using the word nigga crack me up… I’m PuertoRican so I am part African but I don’t look it. I was at a bank just 2 days ago and this security guard starts talking to me about trump. So I let him know how much better President Obama was by comparison, and he began telling me stories about how upset other white people were when he was elected and proceeds to quote them several times using the N word very excitedly. So I let him know that I’m PuertoRican and most my family and siblings are black and WE don’t even use the N word that much out of respect for all those that have suffered racism as WE ourselves have suffered racism especially coming from white people who don’t hesitate to call us the N word. So he became really awkward, excused himself and walked away. I didn’t feel the need to report him because I don’t believe anyone should lose their jobs over using ANY word in casual conversation, but I did feel the need to let him know how inadequate is to use that word even for mixed people.

    • Angel Adriel says:

      GoonerKIRK. That was hilarious 😂

    • noob_ pro61 says:

      @GoonerKIRK. the sound of the joke going over your head

    • Zeek Banistor says:

      Minz you are just one more left wing snow flake

    • GoonerKIRK. says:

      @Angel atleast you didn’t make a big deal out of it

  4. Bee Lor says:

    “seriouser and seriouser”

    …….more serious? this guy really a doctor?

  5. Nett Winslow says:

    I understand this is a serious thing but I would also like to know about the recovery rate and how people recovered.

    • Kathryn Coluzzi says:

      A few patients who were sick and are now considered survivors are on You Tube, type in Coronoa patients speak out.

    • j2323j says:

      Is that basketball player still alive

    • cristipiGM says:

      E.G. I just want to explain few things in order to help you to understand this situation. 1. Coronavirus it’s not a flu, is more like pneumonia. 2. The death rate is important but the most important is that is very contagious, for example, in one day Italy had almost 6000 new cases of coronavirus (and more than 600 deaths, the same day) adding those cases to an already overload situation. Right now they are choosing which are the most likely to survive and leave the rest because they can’t treat them all. Why? You will be wondering, because they don,t have enough doctors, and (most important) ventilators, because as I explain to you earlier, this is more like a pneumonia and pneumonia affects the lungs, so they need ventilators in order to breath. I’m from Spain, and the government are calling to a retired doctors and nurses because we don’t have enough also hotels are giving us rooms for the sick people and we are building new hospitals. I hope that you are ok and don’t get it (or your family) stay safe, please 😊.

    • Francine L says:

      You have to be carefull poeple of the USA, percentage is based only on how you do with the virus. If you do not more than enough, like isolating, it will be way more than what you can imagine. Also, you have to count on respirators in order to survive. You all know that there are not enough for even the third of the population, old and younger and there are no longer respirators available in the world. Pray.

    • Alexandru says:

      E.G. You can’t even speak basic English, so why should you think logically anyway? If your braindead sense of reality didn’t notice it yet, this virus is still mostly unknown, could he deadly or could affect your health your entire life, has no cure, is highly contagious, and it’s very difficult to be contained. Guess what would happen if there’d be a unregulated and exponential growth of cases because of imbecils like yourself ignoring the solutions proposed by all official health organisations? No more intensive care spaces in the hospitals and no more doctors to help you, which would drastically increase the chance that you’d simply die off. Most people had the same thoughts back in 1918 when thinking about the spanish flu, ignoring its potentially catastrophic consequences if not dealt with, and guess what, it wrecked a huge chunck of world’s population. Living in your comfortably 21st century society doesn’t exclude you and the others from the virus at all. Everything seems fine, until it suddenly doesn’t.

  6. huntsman710 says:

    Meanwhile nobody thanks the UPS employees delivering everything everyone needs to survive including their amazon packages

    • StillNotTellingYouMyName says:

      @Steven Strain
      New york times wint allow you to read their article (about a virus) without subscribing LOOOOOOLLLL. I can’t read your link so lemme look it up myself hang on

    • jp says:

      You can’t really thank them in person because of the social distancing – however, people are doing this on-line and when things get better, I’m sure we’ll see more tangible expressions of thanks! I know, I thank the grocery store worker, the checker, the baggers, etc.!

    • Donna H. says:

      Thank you to everyone who is still working and helping people.

    • Shelby S. says:

      @Tyler K. damn, reading this thread it would seem you fucked up lol. Have a good day regardless. I make mistakes on the internet too.

    • Tayshawn Price says:

      Jeff Bezos justifies hiring 100k more employees by giving them an extra 2$. This is what these wealthy CEOs think of the people that continue to make them billions. While they sit in there mansions quarantined. Average people have no choice to continue to work or not pay rent, car payments, utilities. Your lives are expendable to these greedy corporations as long as people continue to make them rich.

  7. SpaceBear says:

    I’ve been practicing social distancing for years.

  8. Just Hunt46 says:

    People we can do this standing on our heads were Americans anytime we get knocked down we get back up stronger than ever. For myself am going get requinted with my family we all live in fast lane with work, school, school functions ,appointments run,run,run. We’re going watch movies and play board games, talk eat fatty foods and make the best of a terrible situation. If there’s one thing we Americans can do is figure this shit out and kick its ass! God bless us all.

  9. ynical says:

    crime will increase 10 fold when people have no income. These places will look like demilitarized zones in a month


      I’ve never counted on police, do so at your own peril.
      A 200 dollar shotgun suits me fine, haven’t shot anybody since 1995.

    • Donna H. says:

      Guns and amo are already running low on shelves .

    • 7 Link says:

      Subsidies and everyone gets a certain amount of money dipstick

    • Deandre s says:

      @Chris Sobo “act like a community”
      Sure dude. Yea i dont think the people youve been sneering at for the past four years want you to be a part of the community. Judging by your comments.
      A gun is just being prepared by the way.

    • peppe bullo says:

      in Italy the crime is decreasing, since everyone must stay at home. even thieves are afraid to walk

  10. CaptainBakshots says:

    We health Care professionals be like: nah they’re not tlalking about us.

  11. Lynn Proctor says:

    “If only for a moment.” My gracious. Are we all that lacking in humor and ability to cope during tough times? No wonder they don’t tell us the truth about anything.

  12. Patrick Henry says:

    “When New Orleans stops partying, we know we got a problem.” Damn that’s so true.

  13. Innis Mor says:

    Trump: “15 cases going to zero, soon.”
    COVID-19: “Check that. 15 cases going to a whole series of zeroes, soon.”
    Dr. Anthony Fauci: “What COVID-19 said.”
    #The25thFor45Soon #SaveAmerica

    • Dave Waldon says:

      Innis Mor Vegetable Joe. Is there a problem?

    • Serge Lacasse says:

      The con man in chief

    • Daniel Reierson says:

      @L M he did not call the virus a hoax; he called the reporting by media and the democrats saying they were blowing things out of proportion..which means he either didn’t understand the severity or he was malicious in covering up how bad this virus was. I hope you heard the news on the four republicans who had sold off their stocks in late January and early February to know that the government knew this was a virulent disease. He did say in February that we have like 15 cases and its going to go to zero very soon so he might as well called it hoax then. LM you need to see the overall behavior and address it; if you can’t do that then you are a moron.

    • Innis Mor says:

      @Spanish Fun ForEveryone Trump was too busy selling his stocks to save your life. Enjoy what’s left of it !!

    • Brian Troisi says:

      @Spanish Fun ForEveryone really? for him doing his job is fucking up the head start we had by pulling this whole ‘oh it’s just the flu it’s not a big deal’ act until it was obvious that it was more serious. only then did he change his tune and also lie in claiming he ‘knew this was serious all along’. He sucks at lying and it’s obvious as hell when he’s lying when you can hear him talk such as tone of voice, body language, choice of words used, and other factors as well.

      If he took it seriously we could have done some preventative measures but it’s too late now. I’m also not a liberal or politically correct, and it is largely China’s fault, for covering it up, making that young doctor who tried to warn people about it sign a document admitting that he had ‘mad false statements’, and unfortunately lost his life to the virus (R.I.P.). The communist government sucks at handling even day to day life there, let alone a huge viral outbreak, and Europe is second to blame, though less so than China since it didn’t originate in Europe due to them having sanitation standards for food markets there, and I’d assume next to no wet markets either… but they waited way too long to implement a travel ban, and had they done that a lot earlier, it’s likely the U.S. would’ve never gotten it, or at least as bad as it’s been and will continue to be.

      Lastly, Trump leaving the state’s on their own to procure testing kits is crazy. As one of the governors of some state, i forget which one, said…: “if one state is unable to get proper testing equipment and other supplies, the whole nation remains at risk.” He doesn’t have to like do all the work for the various states but could at least delegate some cabinet member or someone to assist any state that needs it in acquiring the testing kits, respirators, and other critical supplies.

  14. El chapo 3 says:

    Government: we need you to stay home

    Everyone: well now i dont want too

  15. Jetdrive says:

    For the first time in history, you can save humanity by staying home and watching TV.
    Don’t fuck it up…

    • ryvr madduck says:

      Where is the Tofu Taliban protesting with their little cardboard signs since the U.S./Mexican border has been closed? Where is the outrage?! OUTRAGE!!!

    • Yolanda Nxesi says:

      😂 😂

    • St0w1k says:

      @E.G. You’re a fucking genius. Using bubble wrap instead of toilet paper to wipe our asses.

    • April Fox says:

      These days that’s asking for a miracle…#toilotpaperhoarders.

    • Tabitha Freeman says:

      What’s wrong with ppl? Keep y’all asses in the damn house. Watch tv, Netflix, Hulu, play video games, binge watch your favorite shows, order via Uber eats, door dash, grub hub, update your social media, but stay in the damn house.
      Y’all going out in these dirty ass gloves and over used masks, go inside and sit the fuck down. Sheesh!!

  16. Ame Dixon says:

    I get my dose of humor by reading the comment sections, everyday.

  17. gendo monk says:

    “your” actions already effected “my” health
    by not having health care coverage!

  18. Jacqua Cooper says:

    It was a tough decision but scientifically was one of the best decisions and shows good leadership skills by governors who consider their state’s citizens.

    • Khalil Hines says:

      @Jim A if you want kill people yes 😑

    • SquidCookies says:

      @Zeek Banistor You don’t understand that these are only confirmed cases. The Yesterday 3/20 the US had 14,250 today were at 22.5k. We need to go on lockdown and enforce it with our national guard. We will be worst than Italy.

    • Zeek Banistor says:

      @SquidCookies Today NYC reported another 3,000 cases. Lock down NYC, even all of down state but leave upstate alone they only have 200 cases as of today. Where is the fairness?

    • SquidCookies says:

      @Zeek Banistor Its not fair but that 200 will be 2000 if you don’t control it before it gets out of hand.

    • Zeek Banistor says:

      @Troll Time They should lock down NYC and other hot spots but populations of 4 million that only have 200 cases need to be left alone. Newsome and Idiot Cuomo should be locked up

  19. Mike Garcia says:

    Allot of our computer parts most people need are shipped out of NY & Cali~: (

  20. Jon Doe says:

    Staying home is difficult for some people. They can’t take it. I can only imagine what they are going through.

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