76ers are one shooter away from winning the East – Stephen A. | First Take

76ers are one shooter away from winning the East – Stephen A. | First Take

Stephen A. Smith says that the Philadelphia 76ers are starting to find a flow with Joel Embiid and Jimmy Butler, but they need another 3-point shooting threat in order to win the East and reach the 2019 NBA Finals.

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118 Responses

  1. That_Canuck_God says:

    Bruh the raps are winning the east without any shooters lmao.

    • Elijah Medeiros says:

      Anthony Stewart how is beating an 8th seed a flex ?, any first seed should wash an 8 it’s just that the bucks have 0 playoff success

    • shariff ismail says:

      780 D lol

    • Gon Killua says:

      +Baller_Eli The Raptors werent irrelevant to the Pacers, Heat, Bucks and Wizards when they sent them home the past few years.

      The Raptors werent irrelevant when they traded for a 2xDPOY, Finals MVP, Top 3 in MVP voting, best 2 way player in league and best player in the East who is kicking the Warriors’ ass on the road before Zaza injured him.

      And they arent irrelevant right now because you’re talking about them lol. Don’t ever disrespect Kawhi Leonard ever again. The nigga singlehandedly TOOK the title from LeBron in 2014. If he can do that to LeBron, he could do that to any of these trash teams in the East.

    • Gon Killua says:

      +dooomsday666 “Lowry ain’t no mf shooter” KYLE LOWRY HIT THE 3RD MOST 3-POINTERS IN THE LEAGUE LAST YEAR BEHIND STEPH AND PG!!!!


    • Jay Johnson says:

      Delete that shit immediately

  2. j0epark1 says:

    First of all, Toronto is winning the East. Secondly, Stephen A is one bad barber away from a 4pt hairline.

  3. AL N says:

    That boy Kawhi Leonard ain’t gonna give you the chance to pass to a shooter. Ben Simmons ain’t got enough offense to not get locked up. There’s no offense they can run.

    • Paul Cici says:

      Have you seee what kawhi does to simmons when they play? Kawhi takes his soul

    • AL N says:

      +Lando Calrissian he averages 9 points and 9 turnovers against Kawhi. This already aged well. It actually should be 8 points and 10 turnovers because the NBA released a last 2 minute report that miscalled a clean block by Leonard that gave Simmons 2 free throws. Your arguement against this year’s playoffs is “wait until the future”?

    • Paulafan5 says:

      +Lando CalrissianDon’t sleep on Siakim’s potential. He’s been playing basketball since 17 and is only getting better and better. He’ll be an all-star in 2 years (maybe next season).

    • Chris Parker says:

      AL N Simmons is trash with no jumpshot

    • flash012234 says:

      +AL N 8 points and 10 turnovers? Jeez LMAO

  4. Jack Delperdang says:

    No they’re not. Toronto has it on lock barring injury. #WeTheNorth

    • the sports guy with common sense says:

      Jack Delperdang only thing holding the sixers back is lack of depth from the bench. their starters do so much every night but the bench blows it. if they had the bench that the celtics, bucks or raptors had on their team, theyd be the number 1 seed without question. still time tho. maybe they’ll get some guys at the trade deadline or buyout market not to mention zhaire smith will be back n provide them a very good, athletic perimeter defender

    • needlenosened flanders says:

      No one has a lock on anything. It’s mid Jan you goof.

    • HlddenTalent says:


    • Daddy says:

      Kyrie Irving is Kyrie playing

    • Joe Johnson says:

      +Morgan Scarborough they’re gonna what?

  5. Michael Jordan says:

    They should try to get korver

    • NatarisX says:

      +Łeone Get an education and learn another insult besides dumbass. You sound like a fkn moron saying dumbass every 3 seconds.

    • Lando Calrissian says:

      +Kobe The Gloat And how is trading for Korver “Next Year” gonna benefit them now Dumbass??

    • Bill 11 Rings Russell says:

      Kobe The Gloat u don’t know that guy „Leone“ is a cavs fan and he’s depressed since lebron left he even calls lebron a bum and trash and everything bad like skip lmao and since then he’s so salty I love it hahaha

    • Łeone says:

      +NatarisX did u not see the the word retard in my statement dumbass

    • Łeone says:

      +Kobe The Gloat u fucking question is used for this year dumbass now try again

  6. Nutcracker Draymond Trashtalk Green says:

    They should sign Jr Swish

  7. Jordan Davis says:

    Should’ve offered Fultz for Korver and Hood

    • Baller_Eli says:

      +Lando Calrissian nah with embid we saw glimpses of an ELITE center. That’s why “the process” motto was created because everyone couldn’t wait for him to return. Ain’t nobody feel that away about markelle and his *DISGUSTING* jumper.

    • bench press360 says:

      +Kev isn’t Markelle a bust according to Stephen a

    • Łeone says:

      +Cody Parkey he does

    • LCJ says:

      Baller_Eli we actually haven’t but you will see…. Gonna comeback right to this comment

    • King G says:

      Baller_Eli markelle’s situation is completely fixable. The talent is there, they just need to rediscover a proper shooting mechanic for him, and he’ll be elite.

  8. SamoaVsEverybody_814 ™ 2.0 says:

    So basically the same situation as last year smh #TrustTheProcess ?

    • the sports guy with common sense says:

      SamoaVsEverybody_814 ™ 2.0 just a bad bench that keeps holding them back. the starters would be able to rest more, they’d be in more blowout situations, they wouldn’t give up leads as easy, they’d be able to compete w toronto n the bucks better too. literally the only thing holding them back is an awful bench. they need zhaire smith back and maybe they’ll get a couple players at the buyout market or trade deadline

    • Chris Parker says:

      SamoaVsEverybody_814 ™ 2.0 Philadelphia made some dumb decisions with draft picks and trades they suck

    • SamoaVsEverybody_814 ™ 2.0 says:

      +Chris Parker #MarkelleFultz ?

    • Chris Parker says:

      SamoaVsEverybody_814 ™ 2.0 a bust

    • Howtostudies says:

      +the sports guy with common sense The bench struggles to have a guy who can pull down ten points on the regular. So many leads slip cause they gotta bring out Amir Johnson

  9. Bastardson OfJefferson says:

    Neither one of these guys watch the sixers. They have shooters they are just young.

    • LCJ says:

      LMAO right it’s honestly sad cuz u can clearly tell they don’t watch the games

    • Ni ni. says:

      Stephen A Smith was at the game last night for 5 minutes he was sitting right below me ???

    • Bastardson OfJefferson says:

      +Bomac94 he is but Bolden has a lot of upside on defense . And I think you’ll get better production out of him if you start Bolden and bring Chandler off the bench.

    • Sean Minor says:

      Exactly. Shamet is playing beyond his experience. Bolden NEEDS more playing time. He is def an improvement over Chandler. Better defensively, more hustle and energy, and he can shoot.

    • Howtostudies says:

      Cause they young known them can drop ten night after night. It cant be that hard to find someone better than Amir Johnson

  10. dabby dabby says:

    I only see Toronto and the Bucks in the ECF

  11. YungChip030 says:

    It’s between the bucks and raptors at this point maybe the Celtics if they can click as a team

  12. Ethan Rue says:

    Ben Simmons has been hitting fade-aways recently

  13. Compton 187 says:

    that shooter could be Simmons ?

    • Jackson Allen says:

      Or Reddick? I know he just used an Asian slur but like come on….

    • Cosmic Logic says:

      +jharm90 You must not watch every game, Fultz actually contributed in multiple ways other than shooting when he was on the floor, and in certain instances his jumper actually looked promising. His playmaking was very impressive, his rebounding ability for a 6’4 guard was impressive, His Handle is tight he can get the to the basket In a variety of ways and he showed us all of these skills in less than 24 minutes a game, While having an injury to the shoulder, and i dont know if you know this but its not exactly easy to shoot from NBA Range without having an injury to the shoulder, so use your brain cells and think about how hard it is to shoot the ball effectively with a shoulder injury. Or are you one of those “fans” That Regurgitate the same bs that he has a “mental” problem ?. Dont pay attention to what you read on social media and watch on sports media most of the time they’re pushing their own narrative rather than the objective truth.

      You must be a on the dumber side of the spectrum if you think that We should get rid of a guy that showed so much skill while injured in little time at the age of 20! The guy still doesnt have a full season under his belt. It took Embiid 2 years to finally make his debut, even though its not exactly the same The point remains that we had to *WAIT 2 YEARS*

      And i didnt even mention Fultz defensive upside,He’s been really good on defense and right now we’re missing his presence he also makes very good hustle plays and never gives up on the play. I honestly don’t get why you want to trade him every single thing i just aaid is true and backed up by the stats. Dont be a idiot and look at the raw numbers and say “This guys a scrub” Include the context use your fucking eye balls and look at the way he plays the game.

    • Cosmic Logic says:

      +jharm90 I didn’t read your second comment before i wrote that, so i was right about you without even realising ?? ??
      You Fultz Haters are so easy to Expose, Cant wait until he comes back 100% healthy and finally put you bums in the shadow realm

    • Ed Channing says:

      The whole problem is that it CAN’T be Simmons…they should have courted Korver, oh well.

    • Its dolph says:

      jharm90 oh shut up calling someone a bust knowing they’ve been injured is idiotic sixers future is bright

  14. JoJo's Bizzare Gains says:

    They need to hope Toronto joins the Euroleague if they wanna be first in the east

    • brooke lynn says:

      Conley D Calm down Sparky. Its freakin January. There are no legit “teams to beat” yet. You talking like Toronto is some 40-4 warriors type juggernaut that cant be beaten. Nah, Sixers, Celtics, Pacers etc would have no fear playing them in the playoffs. Why would they? They all have at least 1 star and we seen what Lowry does in the playoffs. Ill leave the nostradumbass predictions stuff to you, but besr believe, Toronto puts no fear in any of those east teams hearts. Sorry.

    • Panagiotis Papadimitriou says:

      +Conley D for the time after loss to Celtics Raptors are #2 seed while Bucks #1

    • Howtostudies says:

      They only 3.5 back

    • Boum Chakalaka says:


    • Panagiotis Papadimitriou says:

      +That_Canuck_God why, csuse they won Bucks in a single game? Come on. 4-0 is unlikely. Stay on earth.

  15. Donald Trump says:

    Toronto is one championship away from being taken seriously by the American media

    • thekingbradable says:

      Let em know

    • DREVM says:

      Donald Trump How about getting out of the East for once?

    • Yankee says:

      The Warriors have Demarcus Cousins & Toronto doesn’t have a football team so what you talkin bout ?

    • john_blaze39 says:

      And america is one real president away from being taken seriously by the world again

    • Donald Trump says:

      I’m not saying they’ll win this year, I mean maybe they will, but as soon as they have an mvp or a ring, people won’t hate on them for no reason anymore. This season has done a lot to build respect for the team but people liked them the past couple years until they lost to LBJ so we’ll see how it plays out

  16. Matt Phillips says:

    Stephen A sure jumped ship off the Boston bandwagon quick

  17. Mir Dubya says:

    Landry Shamet can shoot better get accustomed to that name

  18. Jax Ace says:

    After Lebron got tired of winning the East, it’s Toronto’s to loose. They are now free of Lebron and they have the only proven two way player in the East who is an NBA champ before in Kawhi Leonard.

  19. Ambassador Ausar says:

    Embidd absolutely has MVP caliber numbers this year. 27 points, 13 rebounds, 3 to 4 assist and 2 blocks per game average ? That is MVP numbers to me

  20. GG Yunis says:

    Tbh Ben Simmons is starting to make Fade ways lets give him more time hes getting that confidence

    • WuzohHitsBills says:

      +Chris Parker lets see what he does this offseason. maybe he’ll work on a jumpshot and start making 3’s

    • Chris Parker says:

      GG Yunis he ass with out a jumpshot Greek freak included this era is 60% based off a jumpshot they need to get one or use all that money they make and buy one

    • Chris Parker says:

      GG Yunis like I said he ass and his team ain’t going no where winning no chips until Simmons gets a jumpshot from 3

    • Chris Parker says:

      Doctor Cthulhu stop talking about different eras driving the lane was wat it was in the real nba we in the soft nba era it’s about shooting and Greek and Ben don’t got one so they not winning no chips

    • Chris Parker says:

      WuzohHitsBills even if he do his team still ass 76s made terrible draft selections and trades they can never get back and choosing fultz over Tatum or Mitchell was one of the worst moves ever the best they ever did was draft AI other than that they ass

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