$786 Custom Candy • Japan

$786 Custom Candy • Japan

“Yeah…I’m licking his eyes right now.”

Credits: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/79870

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japanese monster geisha long neck creature
MatiasEnElMundo/Getty Images
Japanese sweets, close up
ULTRA.F/Getty Images

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68 Responses

  1. -4 Subscribers with a hammer addiction says:

    And I can hardly afford $2 candy

    rip sweet tooth

  2. jaisnav rajesh says:

    Thanks for saving me from Being bored

  3. Sara Catalano says:

    I wanna get custom candy..?

  4. Iconic says:

    That candy is way WORTH IT than me

  5. cara Law says:

    Not gonna tell you what design is on the candy it’s a secret

    (thumbnail) it’s Adam

  6. Pourya Bigonah says:

    Eating these is an efficient way of keeping your inner cannibal in line.

  7. Spongebob SquarePants says:

    It would be funny if someone spent all their money on that candy and it tasted bad

  8. ap1dot988 says:

    Lets please not have an entire worth it one stop season

    • Sanskar Wagley says:

      ap1dot988 there’s going to be a whole season of Worth It Lifestyle

    • kenzie horan says:

      It’s better than no content at all. Y’all complain about everything ?

    • Jennifer Smith says:

      didn’t buzzfeed cut back on cost or something? I think that may be why they are only doing one location now instead of 3.

    • Athenis says:

      This is more expensive than a lot of ones they did with 3 locations. These are just left over from their trip to Japan last season and we’ll get normal new ones.

  9. k i r s t e n k y l a says:

    I’d be satisfied with a pack of sour patch kids ?

  10. Rowan Hopson says:

    if Adam doesn’t have nightmares about them… girl

  11. Ingrid Matos-Hoogliuter says:

    The face looked terrifying when they were compiling the separate parts

  12. jungkooks ding dong says:

    What’s the point of hiding the result in the video when the thumbnail already spoils it?

  13. Nico Yu says:

    um why is nobody talking about how cute saeko (the candy girl) is

    • Ma Op says:

      Cuz she’s eats babies

    • Popato Chisps says:

      Because we respect women and don’t objectify them at every opportunity

    • bardi c says:

      Nico Yu not all girls a faux

    • Nico Yu says:

      I was just giving out compliments. saying someone is attractive or cute is not objectifying them. I said”candy girl” just to be specific about who I am talking about. And it’s not only a thing for women, men can be objectified as well. but still, I think we still have the rights to compliment people who we think that has good characters. +Popato Chisps

    • Nico Yu says:

      +Popato Chisps if saying someone is cute is objectifying them I am objectifying people everyday and that’s not what I think I do. I am a female. and I believe women can be strong, wise, tender, tough and anything they want to be, but it does not mean I can’t tell them how adorable they are when I really think so .

  14. Kimathi Washington says:

    At first I thought it was expensive until I saw you got 3500 pieces

    • Jim says:

      $786 dollars… lets round up to 800. $800 / 3500 pieces of candy = $0.228 per piece. we will round up to $0.23 each. Sell them for a quarter each. That would be $0.02 profit per piece of candy. 3500 pieces X $0.02 = $70 profit 🙂

    • Silver says:

      “4 dollars a piece” I’m dying ??? it’s like 23 cents yo

    • Adam Z says:

      +Jim if someone was actually planning on selling this the price would be more than a quarter. $70 on 3.5 grand is litterally nothing. Most companies at minimum charge 100% more than paid. Pay 23 cents charge 50 is how it would realistically be.

    • Chris Aster says:

      And also did you see how many people worked on it?!!! They all need to get paid too

    • Sean Whinnery says:

      it’s still around $0.25 a piece

  15. cin d says:

    if u think about it, for only 20cents u could get a singular candy of adam

  16. Jordan Lew says:

    Can we please bring back the three stop episodes?!

  17. jerica611 says:

    Andrews wink after his finger almost comes off at @4:25

  18. Jinn says:

    can they put Adam’s face on a cinnamon roll next

  19. Ash Novelle says:

    I wonder how Andrew and Steven kept that face while understanding absolutely nothing

  20. Nuzhat says:

    Steven: What do you think about Adam’s face?
    Rie: So there a Japanese ghost..

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