7×7 Rubik’s cube world record: 2:23.55

7×7 Rubik’s cube world record: 2:23.55

I’ll upload the full average soon, but I thought I should get this up beforehand. My second best solve ever – and in comp too!

Cube: http://bit.ly/1LSm1sK
Stickers: http://bit.ly/1JSS5bs

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19 Responses

  1. totalbottle says:

    I wonder how fast he can solve 2+2?

  2. FeastsandFires says:


  3. Willy Wonka says:

    well, we can’t see anything on the video :'(

  4. justice gandy says:

    So stupid that will never help you in life and just shows how much time you

  5. Ahmed Qaralleh says:

    and the title of the ultimate master of “fingering” goes to
    his girlfriend must love him so much :P

  6. Arda Unal says:


  7. UDT116 says:

    So athletic

  8. bluewhale18 says:


  9. carl lucas says:

    anyone ever see the film wizard ? that was a quantum synth right there

  10. barath14 says:

    No joke it would take me 100 years before I would be able to complete that

  11. Khuu Tan Luc says:

    Sao có thể được chứ?

  12. Weslley Lima says:

    “No way” lolkevin

  13. Mr.Buckets says:

    I can do the 7×7 in 2 seconds 

  14. Michele Rocco d'Angelo says:

    Solving a 7×7 Rubik’s Cube In Just Over Two Minutes Is Miraculous

  15. tim dalton says:

    Holy cow. Please solve world poverty while you are at it.

  16. yamachanhangyo says:


  17. Adrián Miguel Ojeda F says:

    lo vio en CNN? jajaja